Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hermana Millet is home! Come hear her speak Sunday Nomvember 30th at 11:00. 4505 S. Brian's Way (3420 W.). You are also welcome to stop by the house afterward to visit, 4415 S. 3234 W. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

What does one say in the last letter home?

What does one say in the last letter home? 

First of all I would like to send a big thank you to my mom, Pam Millet, for all she has done to help with my blog.

When it first began, I just wanted to have a way to share with friends and family my experiences from the mission. As I have written, my thoughts have really just been directed toward my family and it has been a way to personally process what I am experiencing and learning. At times I worry about if what I'm writing in this crazy hour we have to email makes sense or really expresses what I would want to share with the whole world, but it really has come to be a completely candid view of my experience in the mission. The good, the bad, and the beautiful.

Through all of the work that my mom has put in I have seen even more miracles than the ones that are seen in my letters. I have made friends that are now close to my heart and now serving their own missions, I have been able to share advice and feel connected to new missionaries coming into the mission, I have found querido amigos (dear friends) here in Argentina, and I hope I have been able to share my testimony with all. I hope that some of the experiences that I have had have been able to affect the lives of others and that the spirit has been able to testify of the truthfulness of this work and of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All this is thanks to my best friend and my mom. She, my dad and my sister have written me every week of my mission without fail and it has been what has gotten me through the hard times and given me extra needed strength. I want to publically thank them for their love and support, for being such a big part of my mission and the opportunity I have had to bear my testimony to numerous others.

Thank you!

Second, big news for the week. On Thursday during companionship study I received a call from President Robertson indicating that there was a possibility that he would need to shut down my area. He asked about our progressing investigators and what my opinion was. My stomach sank as I stood from my chair and looked out the window at this beautiful city. My eyes went to the map on our wall marked with all of our menos activos (less actives), conversos (converts) and investigators, and as tears began to fill my eyes I told him the truth. Although I love this area and I love these people, they will be okay. They are not ready to be baptized in the coming weeks and if my companion is needed elsewhere, we could shut down Ramos. The next few days were a haze.

That night we got the confirming call that we would be shut down and leave to our new areas on Saturday. Friday morning we packed and then spent the day preparing our members, converts and investigators for the change and saying our goodbyes. Most of them didn't believe us or understand at first. They had been prepared for my departure on Thursday but we had assured them my companion would be staying. There were lots of tears and hugs, or really firm handshakes in some cases, and then we left.

Saturday morning after our devotional with Elder Christofferson, we headed to the church to receive our assignments. Hermana Urbanawiz is opening up Junin (CAMPO-YES!) with Hermana Leiva. She deserves it. She will love it. And Hermana Leiva will be soo great for her. I am in a trio with Hermana Medeyro and Hermana Durfee in Atalaya. They are wonderful, I already know them and I already know Atalaya. It's a weird feeling to be in middle land, not leaving quite yet, but not really part of the area; however, I know this is what the mission and the Lord needed. I am learning so much from these hermanas and know that I can still see miracles in these last few days. As I thought with sadness on the farewells I wasn't able to make and the asados that were not to be eaten I was reminded once again of my purpose. I am here to serve the Lord wherever I am called. I am so excited to give my all in these last few days and keep growing and learning.

Third, devotional with Elder Christofferson. It was amazing! I got to sit on the front row and eat up all of his wonderful words of advice. He gave us so much great insight into the atonement, teaching etc. but what touched me personally was his apostolic promise he pronounced upon us. It was incredible. It's impossible to describe the spirit that we felt as we listened to his words. As you know, I had a few weeks this transfer in which I really doubted whether I really had done all I could, if I had really accomplished what the Lord wanted of me. Some of Elder Christofferson's final words were, "The Lord accepts your offering. He is pleased with your efforts. You will be blessed to receive this testimony if it is what you desire." I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face as I felt the spirit testify to me personally that the Lord has accepted my efforts. They were not perfect, I am not perfect, but He accepts what I have been able to give.  It was an incredible experience, one for which I will forever be grateful.

Finally, I would like to share a few thoughts I have learned throughout the mission. I have done a lot of contemplating during personal study this week and I think it boils down to a few lessons learned:

1. God is merciful, patient and loving.
2. Fullness of joy in the gospel comes in families.
3. There is ALWAYS room for more faith.
4. True conversion, true happiness, requires constant repentance and change.
5. It all comes down to the Book of Mormon.
6. There is only one true church. This is it.
7. Nothing replaces prayer.
8. The greatest anecdote to disanimo (discouragement) is service. The greatest act of service is sharing the gospel.
9. God has a perfect plan. It is so big yet so small.
10. Jesus Christ is my Savior.

I am so incredibly grateful to my Heavenly Father for this chance to serve Him. But he has given me so much more. My testimony is so much deeper, my conviction to live his gospel so much stronger and my love for the savior so much more profound. I know without a doubt that this is the true church and the only way to receive all that our father has to offer. I know He loves me and has a plan for me. The mission has been the best experience of my life so far. I am so sad to leave this work, this country and these people but I know it keeps going. That's the best part.

I can't wait to see you all on Friday and hug you! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Millet

Final picture with my beautiful companion Hermana Urbanawitz.

Throwing away the mission shoes!!! Hooray!

My three angels.  Hermanas Alley, Robinson and Gardner.
I started this amazing journey with them and have
 looked to them for support, understanding and love
 in every opportunity. I love them more than words
 can express. Aren't they beautiful!?

Saying Goodbye.

Rafaela.  Saying goodbye to her was super hard.
She's been my second mom in Argentina.

Alfredo may have been one of the most difficult.  I don't have
time to explain now, but just know that people are
not always what they seem.

Oscar.  I'll tell you about him later.  Oh, Oscar. 

Paola and Amir.  They are the sunshine of Ramos.

Luz Martinez. This woman is menos activo (less active)
 and is dying of cancer. We try to call or visit often.
 She and her family are amazing.

Final zone meeting.

My favorite wall in Ramos.

Accion Poetica.  So, in Ramos, and really all over Buenos Aires
 there is this thing called poetic action. It's the coolest.
 People just write cute little poetic phrases on random walls
 and it's like a little surprise to find them.  I'm definitely finding out how to institute it in Utah when I get back.

P-Day food.

Pepitas with Alfredo

Monday, November 10, 2014

Never stop learning.

Dear Familia:

Well, I guess it's time I get the email going. I just have too much fun reading all of yours. Totally not the way it should be done, I know.

Anyway, remember how last week I was a little complainy and down. Sorry about that...

This week has been amazing. I was still really struggling personally up until Thursday. Being sort of a pastora on Wednesday (FYI transfers were Wednesday and the elders got all confused thinking I should be a part of the final activities maybe and reunion with the converts etc. so it was a super weird middle ground day which was great for my already emotionally weak state) made me do a lot of thinking, and after such a difficult week I started working myself up with all sorts of negative thoughts. Satan really got a hold of me and I began wondering whether or not I had accomplished what the Lord wants and if my whole mission had been a failure.

The Lord, however, is so merciful and began the healing process through prayer and my personal study. Toward the beginning of my mission one of my friends serving in another mission sent me a BYU speech by President Holland titled "Remember Lot's Wife". When he sent it to me I enjoyed it but didn't really understand why this elder loved it enough to suggest it to me. Thursday morning I had the impression to pull it out and received so much personal revelation. It talks about not looking back into the past of mistakes or sin etc. I felt a huge load off my shoulders as the Lord began to help me direct my thoughts to the awesome opportunities I have left. I once again set new goals and that day set to work on them with hope and faith.

If there is anyone who has been there throughout the whole mission it's this girl. Paula went with us to soo many lessons in Lujan and helped me so much when I had to direct the area for the first time as a newbie not speaking any Spanish. I'm sure she thought I was crazy. She watched me grow so much in my 7 months there. She has just been such a huge support and luckily I have been able to see her at various times throughout the mission. She is amazing example to me in her faith and perseverance. I LOVE HER!

And everything began to change.

1. bautizar mas (baptizing more): Last week our teaching pool was down to about nothing. Thanks to the mercy of Heavenly Father this week we were able to find many new investigators.

One of these families was a man named Christian. He was just arriving home as we walked by and I almost didn't stop but for some reason turned around and began a conversation with him. We basically taught the first two lessons in about 20 minutes there in his doorstep. We walked away in awe. I couldn't believe how completely prepared he was. He is probably one of the most intelligent, and well off people I have talked to in Argentina but was so humble and interested.

We then returned back Saturday night and taught him, his wife and two daughters. Although, as he mentioned, they were a little more skeptical I still have faith. I can just feel that the Lord is preparing them. They may not progress quickly, but I know if we can persevere they will accept the gospel and be the kind of members the ward needs.

We also returned to Rafaela and her family after giving them a slight break and evaluating what we need to do differently to help them progress.

In our first lesson back with Rafaela we decided to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her. In the middle of the invitation from Moroni she paused and began to cry. She told us "I know. I don't doubt anymore." I couldn't believe what was happening. We then had a dicussion about what she needs to do to be baptized.

In our next lesson with Daniel he prayed out loud for the first time. His mom is definitely more "religious" but he just gets the gospel in a way that she doesn't. I can't wait to see how his life is going to turn out once he gets converted. He's going to be something awesome.

We also had an amazing experience Saturday afternoon. We walked away from a house and I saw a dad and his son walking toward us. I stopped and contacted them and it turns out they were talking to the elders in another area! They were disappointed because they couldn't go to church and are stoked to find us!

Therefore, this week we are starting out with many more people to teach who have great potential to progress and be baptized in the coming months.

3. Retener mas (retain more): We have met with each of the most recent converts this week; however, none of them came to church on Sunday. Sunday evening, we visited with Alfredo to see why he didn't come to church (he was sick with the flu) and instead of our planned lesson the spirit lead us to talk about forgiveness. It was one of the most spirit directed and focused lessons I have had with Alfredo. He understood more than he ever has. I realize, here now as I am writing this, that maybe this was a sign to me that I need to focus a little more on the needs of our recent converts. Not just teach them the required lessons a second time but really search for the deeper issues to help them personally so they can strengthen their testimonies and remain active.

Do you recognize them!? It's a long story but I was at the church on Wednesday when Suni and her family from Lujan walked up! I LOVE them sooo much! It was a wonderful little reunion. Don't mind my red face. I was kind of crying right before haha.

4. Reactivar mas (reactivate more): My greatest focus in reactivation my whole time here has been on Paola and Jaqueline. There are many families we have been working with, just like our investigators, with whom my focus has been on those who are really progressing. At this point Paola could be considered active. We still continue to visit her, to keep her active, however. One thing I have noticed is that many missionaries see a less active go to church one or two times and think they are reactivated, however, we must continue to help them until they are fully incorporated into the ward.

To be completely honest, I'm not quite sure what the secret was this week but in my efforts to humble myself before the Lord, work to improve each day and put more trust in Him I have felt the spirit guiding us. After each of our experiences this week we said a prayer of gratitude because we literally did nothing. Each of the miracles was a direct result of the spirit working in us and in our investigators, and I am so grateful.

This has been an incredible learning experience for me over the past two weeks and I look forward for what the Lord has left to teach me.


Hermana Millet

Our last district meeting together. This last transfer the zone switched our districts all around and put us in a district with all elders. To be honest I was not super excited about the change, but it ended up being really great and the district leader was super helpful and patient throughout all of our difficulties this last transfer.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I LOVE being a missionary, even if I'm wet!

Hello my wonderful family!

Ramos District
I hope you have all had a wonderful week! We are loving serving the Lord here in Ramos and learning every day. It's been somewhat of a trying week, but one in which I have learned a lot and been strengthened a lot in my testimony of our Savior.

By Thursday night this week we had taught one lesson to a non-member and had zero new investigators. Every night, and many times as we were walking during the day, I was praying and searching and pondering for what it is I'm not doing, or what I am doing that is impeding the progress of our work.

And to be completely honest, I'm still not sure if I've found the answer. I've done a lot of reading about purification, faith to find investigators, and prayer. My greatest desire in these last few weeks I have left is to accomplish the will of the Lord. I have been so incredibly blessed in my mission with spiritual experiences, wonderful friends, opportunities to learn and to grow and now I just want to do whatever the Lord needs of me to bless others.

But here rises my greatest question. I've done a lot of searching about faith and prayer. In 3 Nephi 18:20 we learn that the Lord will always grant our righteous desires.

"And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you."

But I know to pray in the name of Christ means I must be asking what he would ask. I know that the Lord wants me to find his children and help them come unto him through baptism but what if that is not his desire right now at this time for us in this area? I know that Christ, the apostles, many of the prophets in the Book of Mormon had to preach and teach to many who didn´t listen and they didn´t always have the success they wanted. How do I know when the Lord just wants me to keep being patient, diligent, keep knocking on doors and talking to people in the street (because I have been blessed to be able to bear my testimony to everyone I see) or when there is something distinct that I need to change to find los escogidos (the elect)?

I've talked to my district leader, and thought about calling President Robertson multiple times, but I'm also practicing trying to receive personal revelation. Yesterday I came to a point where I really just wasn't sure what to do. I couldn't even feel the spirit I was so distraught about wanting so badly to help my companion and those people who are waiting for us. But, I found that the atonement really works for everything. Through Him I was able to find the strength to keep going.

I don't know if I will receive an epiphany from the Lord or if His answer will just be to keep going, keep trying and keep searching. So that is my plan. We sat down and made more goals today. I pray every day for the Lord to help me overcome my weaknesses and focus more on His work and then I just keep going. Maybe we will begin to see great miracles, and maybe we will just have to be grateful for the little ones each day.

I am so grateful for the way the Lord strengthens us through every moment. I know He is our Savior. Without Him we are nothing but with Him all things are possible. I LOVE serving Him, whether that means teaching lessons or walking in the rain all day. I am eternaly indebted to him and am happy to do what he asks. I know this is His church and can't wait to share this message with everyone I meet.

The church is true!

Sincerely, your favorite wet hermana, Jen Millet

PS. Can I also just brag for a minute about my companion? Hermana Urbanawiz has been such a support and ray of light and animo. I wasn't sure how we would get along at the beginning of this transfer but I love her with all my heart and am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her. She is, and will continue to grow into, an amazing missionary.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Dear Family:

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!  So yesterday we were studying before church and had about 15 more minutes before we needed to head out when I received a call from Felisa, our less active sister who can't walk. She was alone and needed someone to help her change and give her breakfast etc. I didn't feel like I could say no so we walked as fast as we could the 20 minutes to her house and helped like a tornado to get everything done.

I knew it would be completely impossible to make it to church on time but luckily our wonderful investigators who live relatively close would be going in their car. I called and begged for their help and they swung by on their way to pick us up. In the car was Rafaela, Daniel, Jaqueline (the menos activo) and her 6 year old daughter (my new best friend) Candela. Well, as we're driving we hit a bump and Candela's gum falls out of her mouth right into my  hair. We tried getting it out on the way but to no avail.

So I arrived late to church with a big wad of gum in my hair haha. Luckily I was so stressed out about everything all I could do was laugh and later that day when we finally went back to the pench I was able to get most of it out (or most of my hair-one or the other) and now it's basically normal.

Hooray for the mission!

What?  Gum in my hair!
Okay, I'll finally get to writing my official letter. I was enjoying too much reading all about you all and your wonderful lives. It'll be short then, sorry.

This week in district meeting our district leader put on the board for us the word: (fe)licidad and we talked about how happiness is not really possible without faith.  (Fe means faith in Spanish and felicidad is happiness) If I have learned anything in my mission it is that faith really is the key to everything, especially happiness.

Daniel, Rafaela, Sofia and Ramon
Right now we are really focused on Rafaela and her family. I want so badly for them to experience the happiness that I know they deserve and that their Heavenly Father wants for them but I know that without faith it will not be possible. Right now Rafaela and Daniel (her son) are both showing great signs of faith in reading, coming to church, praying for answers, etc. but what I am learning in my own experiences and with them is that the real test of our faith, and therefore the real chance for happiness comes when we make the hard decisions.

Right now Rafaela is in a difficult situation in which she is juntado without acutally having relations with this man. She likes to have the family feel of him and her daugther around to have someone to take care of but they don't sleep in the same bed or have any kind of relationship. She doesn't want to marry him but also doesn't want to loose the family that she has grown accustomed to.

Daniel is also struggling to have hope that God really exists and loves him and that he can make commitments and give his life over to God. He is reading but says he stills feels uncomfortable praying.

Sometimes I wish I could have the faith of Nephi:

3 Nephi 7:18 "for it were not possible that they could disbelieve his words, for so great was his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ that angels did minister unto him daily."

That is the power of faith. I want so badly to develop that faith and bring about the change in their hearts. I know it will come, whether through my faith or the faith of my companion, or future missionaries that they will be able to make these changes in their lives and receive all of the happiness available in the gospel.

These last few weeks have served to be a little more difficult in the finding aspect of the work, however, I would walk all day in the sun for the next four weeks just to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for the miracles he has let me be a part of in this past 16 months.

I love this gospel soo much. I am so grateful for the happiness I find in it.

I hope you all too can find the joy in the journey this week and the faith to lead to happiness. I love you!

Hermana Millet

A few random notes just because I want to share:

Familia Alldredge was just transferred to the offices so they are now in Ramos. HOORAY!

I am singing in a choir that will perform when we have 2 members of the 12 apostles come the weekend before I leave!

I ate probably my first and last super delicious chocolate cake yesterday.

Rafaela and her family love my wannabe our brownie recipe.

I'm sick. :(  I'm determined not to need to take a day off though because I haven't had to do so in 18 months.

The primary president asked me to help play for the primary program and then we realized it's on the 23rd! Ah how cruel.

I'm going to cook all sorts of wonderful Argentine food for you when I get home.

I'm not going to be sad for one minute that I get to leave before it gets any hotter. I'm already starting to die.

I think that's all.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Only one month left!

One month from today Jennifer will arrive home!!!  Yay!!

If you would like to hear about her mission experiences and testimony, she will report in church on Sunday, November 30th at 11:00 am at our ward building which is 4505 South 3420 West.  Everyone is welcome.

Dear Family,

First of all, Happy Mother's Day! Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day Argentine style. I thought of you mommy. :)

This week has been one of the most difficult in a long time, but it also had some of the most miracles and direct answers to prayers.

Our teaching pool has been decreasing as of late and we have had a difficult time finding new investigators that will progress and keep receiving our visits. Therefore, this week we didn't end up teaching very many lessons.

I have also been feeling a little overwhelmed trying to work with the members to organize lessons, family home evenings etc. and feeling a little as if I am doing it all by myself as senior companion.

Therefore, I was feeling pretty discouraged. Throughout the week I then talked to various elders, with good intentions, who asked me how our work was going, what we were doing with the members, encouraging us to improve in our lessons etc. All of the stress and feelings of inadequacy build up and I began feeling as though I just couldn't do it all.

The Lord, however, is so merciful and patient with me and my weaknesses and showed me how this work is not mine at all but is His. Amidst all these trials and feelings of failure, he answered so many prayers and worked so many miracles through our weaknesses.

One of these miracles occurred Friday night after I broke down crying from the stress. I wasn't sure what to do with our last bit of time and so Hermana Urbanawiz stopped and said a prayer to ask for direction. A name occurred to me that wasn't in our plans but who lived just a few streets away and we went to find her. I had contacted her various times with Hermana Rohm but had never been able to teach her. In this moment we were able to contact her and enter her home to teach her! She has been passing through many different trials as of late and really needs the gospel. We were able to share a little about how the gospel blesses families and invite her to begin reading the Book of Mormon. It was something very small and simple but a complete direct answer to our prayer that night.

Another small answer to prayer came Sunday morning. Last week, Alfredo was not able to be confirmed after his baptism so I wanted to be sure that he made it to church yesterday to complete his ordinance. Therefore, we went by his house at 8:20 to walk with him to church, which begins at 9:30, however he wasn't home! All I could think to do was pray, so we did, and then I continued to pray the whole way to church. When we walked in the door, there he was sitting in his spot in the middle of the chapel.

I am so incredibly grateful for a Heavenly Father that answers my prayers.

And more...

All week long we have seen great strides of progress in Rafaela and her family. Each individual has been progressing in their own way and their own time. Rafaela is praying to know if this is the truth. Sofia is praying to have more faith. Daniel is PRAYING (a miracle in and of itself). We talked to Jaqueline in person for the first time in weeks.

Sunday it all culminated in a great miracle when they ALL came to church together! Jaqueline and her daughter as well as Rafaela, Sofia and Daniel. They LOVED it. The talks could not have been more divinely planned with exactly what they each needed.

As we walked out of church yesterday, I just couldn't believe how such a huge miracle had taken place after such a difficult week. We had five investigators in church! A first in Ramos in months! All of our plans worked just as we had hoped. Each of our investigators felt the spirit.

I had done nothing to deserve such miracles. How could that have all happened? This is not my work. The Lord really is behind everything. All I have been able to do is offer prayers of gratitude, promise to improve and keep trusting in Him to change the lives of those in Ramos.

I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of the work of salvation and watch the hand of the Lord change my life and the lives of all of his children. I KNOW with all my heart this is His gospel and His church.

Sincerely, your favorite, never want to leave Argentina missionary,

Hermana Millet

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



What a wonderful week of miracles!

The greatest of all occurred with Rafaela. My love for her and her family is continuing to grow so much! On Saturday we stopped by to confirm plans for church on Sunday and she and all of her family were outside working on their house (they are constructing a second level). They told us to sit down and wait for them to finish and then we could talk but obviously we weren't going to do that. It was a perfect service opportunity! So we jumped in and started helping to bring the cement in buckets to the men working on the roof. It was really something little and as we were there I had a few thoughts questioning whether it was the best use of our time when we were so in desperate need of new investigators etc. but we kept working.

After a while we finished up and were able to talk to Rafaela for a few minutes. She explained to us how previously her sister, who is an active member in Paraguay, tried to talk with her about the church but she didn't want to have anything to do with it, but now she wants to hear everything. She told us how she loves having us come over and wants to learn it all and go to church! My heart was almost beating out of my chest as I listened to her share her change of heart with us. It was so incredibly beautiful.

This experience was such a testimony to me of how a simple act of service can open so many hearts. The husbands of Jaqueline and Rafaela were both there working and haven't liked listening to us much but their attitude toward us is changing little by little as we gain their confidence. It also softened the heart of Rafaela to share with us her feelings.

The Hermanas
The blessings didn't stop there, however. After our baptism that night we were still short a lesson with a member for our goal as well as contacted references and new investigators. It was 8:30 and our plans had fallen through. We stopped by the house of a part member family in which we had received a reference and miraculously they were there. We talked to the member for a few minutes and she told us she was just leaving and didn't have time to talk. We set up a CPV and asked if there was anything else we could do when she said, "Maybe a prayer." She invited us in and went to search for her husband who is not a member! We then were able to pray with her and her husband and teach them a little about prayer and how it can strengthen families. I could not believe how the Lord had paved the way for us to be able to contact this family and have such a great lesson with them at the end of our day. I know that when we are focused on the Lord's purposes He will help us to achieve His goals.

I have been so incredibly full of joy these past few days. I just can't hold inside all happiness that I feel in doing the Lord's work. I am so excited to come home but sometimes I wish I could just be a missionary forever.

Thank you for your support as always. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends, in the US as well as in Argentina. I LOVE YOU!

Sincerely a missionary forever,

Hermana Millet

Alfredo got baptized!  Hooray!
PS. Alfredo's baptism went wonderfully. Although he complained about how cold the water was and slipped in the bathroom it was a beautiful service. He told us he will go to the regular meetings but he never wants to take a bath in the church again haha. I just love that old man.

Alfredo showing off the necklace Hermana Rohm
bought for him as a going away present.
It's boca (one of the soccer teams here).
PSS. Today is Columbus Day and they do celebrate it here in Argentina because he discovered all of the Americas.  Whatever excuse they've got they celebrate haha.  It's great, aside from the fact that it's Monday and everything is closed.  Luckily we still have ciber and the supermarket.

Zone Activity
Last Monday we had a zone activity and played sports. It was way fun. The zone leaders tried to organize hockey and Frisbee but we always resorted back to futbol because it's way more fun.

I LOVE playing soccer with the elders because they are all so good. (And they all get a little impressed that I can actually play haha, That's my prideful side coming out though.)

Monday, October 6, 2014

"I went and I felt it"


What a wonderful weekend of conference! I found the pattern of priesthood authority and receiving personal revelation to follow our leaders quite interesting. I hope you loved it as much as I did! I was so excited to be able to hear some of the talks in Spanish. It was a wonderful addition that helps remind us how worldwide the church is and how God speaks in every language.

This week the greatest progress we have seen is with an investigator named Rafaela and her family. A few weeks ago Hermana Rohm and I visited a less active named Jaqueline. With her I had an amazing personal experience in which I felt the impression that I am here to help her. Since then, we have not been able to teach her again, however, she gave us the reference to visit her aunt who has listened to the hermanas before.

Her aunt, Rafaela is very evangelical but is surprisingly open and always so sweet to us when we go by. We have been visiting about once a week because she has not accepted a baptismal invitation and doesn't quite understand the whole authority, only true church thing and we were not sure if she would progress or just accept our visits. In the process of meeting with her we have also had lessons with her two children Sofia (18) and Daniel (26 mas o menos).

This past week we talked with her son who is not sure if he believes in God. I was pretty bold in telling him how sad his Heavenly Father must be that he is not relying on him and challenged him to read part of the Book of Mormon and pray to know if God is there.

When we went back for our return appointment, we showed Rafaela and her daughter, Sofia, a video about the apostacia. Sofia LOVED it and told us how she has also been searching for a church that meets her list of things that she believes should be part of the church of God. The first thing she said after it ended was, "When are we going to their church, tomorrow?" It was an amazing experience!

With both of these lessons I have seen Rafaela's heart soften. She told us how the words we spoke to her children really touched her and she now has a much greater desire to come to church. She called her inactive niece, Jaqueline, and organized to go to conference together.

Unfortunately, Satan got in the way and they had a family emergency which impeded them all from going this week. However, my faith is not lost. I am so excited to have renewed faith in Rafaela and her family and work with them to help them all find the peace and happiness that the gospel can offer. My love for this family is growing and as my love grows I know they will be able to feel the spirit more and make the commitments necessary.

Random picture that came with no explanation. :)
In other good news, Alfredo came to conference and is ready for his baptism. He is not going to be a convert who understands everything, however, it has been a miracle to watch his progression and see how his mind is opening up more and more. He does feel the spirit and knows that the church is true. Although he cannot explain himself well, the other day when I asked him how he knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true he said, "because I went and I felt it."

I have been trying to help Rafaela understand that the church is true though explaining the Book of Mormon and the restoration, but maybe I just need to follow the simple advice of a stubborn 83 year old Argentine, and let her go and feel it. Maybe that's the answer for all my investigators who need to take that next step in their progression toward Christ.

I love you all soooo much! Thank you for your wonderful support and love.

Sincerely, your favorite general conference lover,

Hermana Millet

P.S. How did you like conference? We were able to watch them all, even the women's meeting. It was great. I LOVED that they talked in Spanish. It was awesome!!!

Also, guess what? Crazy news! President was kidnapped last week. I don't know the details but they robbed him in his car while he was on the phone with his wife so he told her he was about to be robbed and then they kept him hostage for a few hours before dumping him off on the side of the road without his car, phone etc. He is okay but it was in the news. This is the second time he has been robbed since being here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good news and bad news!

To family and friends of Jennifer:
We have good news and bad news.  First the good news.  The Lord's tender mercies continue to bless Jennifer.  Because of one beautiful blessing to the family of a teacher at Diamond Ridge Elementary where Jennifer did her teaching internship for the 2012-2013 school year, a teaching opportunity has come to Jennifer.  In order for her to be able to take advantage of this wonderful blessing, instead of coming home the week before Christmas she will be coming home the week before Thanksgiving.  We of course are very happy to have her home early, but she meets it all with mixed emotions.  Jennifer wrote on Monday "Wow, thank you soo much Daddy. I really don't know how to thank you enough for all that you have done to help in this process. I believe you are right that a number of prayers are being answered and that this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do. It's a little hard to accept that I will be coming home so soon and tears are running down my cheeks right now as I think of how sad I am to leave, how happy I am to come home and how grateful I am to you and Mrs. Koji and Terri and most of all Heavenly Father for allowing all this to work out."
The bad news is that Jen's mission president had a troubling experience last week in that he was robbed and temporarily kidnapped. You can read about it on or by clicking on the link below. 
President and Sister Robertson
We of course are somewhat anxious by this news and would ask for your prayers in behalf of Jennifer and all the missionaries in Buenos Aires or around the world for her and their continued safety.
I have appreciated the opportunity to share this blog.  Jen got it all set up for me and taught me how to do it. Even though I'm sure there are things I could have done better, I have learned a little bit on this journey.  I had no idea when we started this project how far reaching it would be.  People from many states and countries have followed the blog whether they have met Jennifer or not.  We have felt of your love and support and are grateful that Jennifer has been able to share her experiences and testimony during her mission through this blog.  Again thank you for remembering her in your prayers. 
Pam Millet
aka Mom

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Queridas Amigas!


What a week! I wrote in my journal last night that I feel as though it has gone by so slowly but then when I realize today is another p-day I wonder where it went.

I am really grateful for the opportunity I have to train this transfer. Hermana Urbanawiz is amazing! She doesn't believe me or anybody else when they tell her, but her Castellano really is so advanced I can't believe it. She'll be speaking better than I do at the end of her 12 weeks I think. This first week she has done a lot of observing but when I turn to her and ask her to share a testimony or explain a principle she does it despite any fear or doubts she has. She is also doing great at coping with the culture shock, the schedule and the demands of the work without a word of complaint. I have no doubt she will become a wonderful missionary in no time.

My hijita!
  Hermana Urbanawiz is from Georgia (where
the Masters Tournament is).  She is 20 years old
 and Awesome at Spanish!
About a year ago, my trainer in the states sat me down and gave me advice for the day I would train. I remember her saying that as a trainer my first priority will not be myself, the area, or even our investigators, but will be the new missionary with whom I am entrusted to care for. I am learning so much about patience, love and humility as I try to dedicate myself to loving and serving her completely. I am also loving the opportunity to refine my teaching skills as I am charged with being able to teach the whole lesson if needed and being able to practice every day in the 12 week program. I couldn't ask for a better way to end my mission than by returning to the basics and becoming what the Lord would have me be as a missionary.

As I have focused so much on my new companion this week I have also been thinking about my companions of the past. My last four companions went home on Wednesday and my heart was full as I said goodbye to each one and listened to their words of advice in the transfer meeting. I thought about all the moments we shared together and how much I learned from each one so I wanted to share with you a little of how these quedida amigas have changed my mission and shaped the person I am.

Hermana Miller and I shared an extremely stressful and extremely sacred transfer together in Lujan. I think I cried more with her than any other companion. She let me open myself completely to her about all of my doubts and insecurities as a teacher, as a companion and as a missionary and helped me to work through them all to become a confident servant of the Lord. She helped me to become a senior companion through pure love. Every time I see her we still give each other a giant hug and express our love as we really have become hermanas, in the good and the bad. From her I learned how to love my companion.

Hermana Morales taught me what it is to have faith in others. I don't know if I've ever known an hermana who gives so much of herself to her investigators. She was their friend, their teacher, and member of their family to each one of her converts and the members with whom she worked. From her I learned to love my investigators.

Hermana Peterson is my hero. She is one of the most Christ like people I know. She is a virtuous, dignified, courageous and powerful teacher. She knew how to teach in a manner so simple yet so true, which drove the conversion of our investigators to progress and reach baptism as worthy converts who will always stay strong in their faith. I remember the first day being so amazed at the spirit that I felt being with her. That spirit and joy stayed with us the whole transfer. I will forever remember that as the most joyful of my mission in which each day I was filled with happiness. From her I learned how to love the work.

Hermana Rohm is a light. In the past week, since she left, every member and investigator has talked about how she just "has something special". Her animo lifts every person she talks to and changes lives, including mine. She radiated this light to each of the missionaries with whom we worked and really was an inspired leader that changed Ramos Mejia. She was patient in every trial and never showed discouragement. She smiled, laughed, talked and joked constantly and is an example of the believers just by being her. I know she will continue being a missionary every day. From her I learned to love life.

I cried as I thought of each of them leaving, full of love and gratitude for what they have given me. I now have the opportunity to teach my "hija" everything that I have learned from some of the best missionaries the BAW mission has ever seen.

Sincerely your favorite mommy (if you don't understand ask a returned missionary),

Hermana Millet

PS. A few notes about the actual work this week:

1. Alfredo came to church again! He has now come three times on his own! He also said that he prayed and felt better at night and was able to sleep (which he usually can't do because he is crying about the death of his daughter) and that he knows this is the true church because he went and just knows haha. He also asks about Hermana Rohm every day and wants me to tell her that she should't be in the US because they are killing people and there are wars and she are going to die haha. If he keeps progressing like this I feel confident he will be ready for baptism on the 11th!

2. We taught an amazing restoration lesson to a family of FIVE that all accepted a baptismal invite! It was amazing! They were all crying and said they were so grateful for us for coming. The youngest, Kiara (11) as she gave me a hug to leave said, "please come back again".  We will now see if we can find them again, as our pattern lately seems to consist of amazing lessons with people who then fall off the face of the earth but I have FAITH!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Grateful for a wise and caring Mission President!

This week I am grateful for a wise mission president.

On Tuesday I was extremely anxious about some decisions I had to make. I then went to district meeting and received pressure from our leaders to baptize Alfredo. I was about at the breaking point. I was praying but not feeling like I was receiving answers. I just knew that I needed to talk to President. On Wednesday I was able to talk to him about everything and since then I have felt such peace and know that the decisions I am making are correct.

He gave me counsel about Alfredo to stay strong with my decision, even if those around me don't agree. He told me "the path of a leader is sometimes solo" but that he supports me 100%. He gave me such peace about doing things for the right motive and not just to achieve a goal. He also helped me to feel peace about my work here in Ramos.

I am just so grateful for the opportunity to have someone I can talk to in the mission (who is more than 20 years old haha) and has such wise advice.

We're Missionaries!

Hermana Rohm

The highlight of my week was a lesson which we had Tuesday afternoon. All transfer we have had a reference named Romina from another investigator, Adriana, that we haven't contacted and Monday night I was questioning Hermana Rohm how we could come in contact with her. She didn't have any answers so we left it at that, but Tuesday afternoon the Lord placed her in our path.

We were able to meet Romina in Adriana's apartment and then she invited us over to her house next door to talk. We taught the restoration and it was one of the best lessons I think I have had in my mission. It felt so incredibly natural and I felt as though I were just explaining it to a friend. She had such great questions because she actually understood! When we shared the first vision we paused for a moment and she just said, "Wow." It was a wonderful lesson and I am excited to continue teaching her.

Less Active Friends
This is Felicia, whom we are helping to learn to walk again.

Paola and Amir, a couple of my favorites

We painted a patio.
Our other great moment of the week was our activity in the plaza. We have been planning for weeks to show Mormon messages in one of the plazas.  We had to ask for permission from the city and get official authorization. On Saturday the moment finally arrived! Unfortunately, the people weren't quite as excited as we were and only a few were brave enough to come sit down and watch. There were others, however, who watched from a distance and we were able to make a lot of contacts and receive some references. It may not be the most effective method for the future but it was a great experience and I hope that at least one heart was touched.

Peliculas en la Plaza
(Movies in the Plaza)
Showing Mormon messages in the Plaza
That's about all this week. We have transfers on Wednesday where ALL of my companions will be going home. Guess what Daddy?  Your wish will probably come true.  President told me in my interview I will probably be training. There are 7 hermanas from the states and 3 from Chile that are coming. I don't know if I will get a Latin or an American, but I'm super excited to receive my new companion and attack Ramos.

I love you soooo much!


Hermana Millet


Hermana Rohm found a way to get us an asado her last
Saturday AND Sunday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vamos Ramos!

Dear Family,

Wow, the email time goes by sooo quickly! Almost as fast as the mission! I can't believe we are in the last week of the transfer. Here are some of the highlights:

Saturday was Mormon Helping Hands.  We went with our stake
to the children's hospital to clean and work in the gardens.
We were a little short on tools and supplies but I wanted
to get a weed out so badly.  We tugged and pulled forever
but finally got it out! Yay!

This week I was excited that we came a lot closer to reaching our goals than in the past. It is one of my personal goals for the week to plan better throughout the week to reach our indicators. I know it is possible if we focus a little more and plan a little better. Although we are starting small I know that as we reach these goals we have established we will be able to accomplish greater and greater things each week.

Las Hermanas de Ramos Mejia
We had a great break through moment with Alfredo this week when our ward mission leader came with us for a lesson. Our ward is anxious for a baptism and was very excited to have a possibility in Alfredo but when our ward mission leader was able to see his level of understanding he helped us to feel better about postponing Alfredo's baptism and focusing more on other investigators who have greater potential to progress.

I wanted so badly to help Hermana Rohm have one last baptism in her mission. I know that she felt a special connection with Alfredo and had a great desire to see him be baptized this weekend but I felt so much peace when she and our ward mission leader confirmed my feelings that he is not ready. Although I am sad that we will not baptize this month I feel much more peace knowing we are focused more on Alfredo and his needs than our own selfish desires for baptisms. The good news is that he came to church on his own yesterday! Maybe with time he will be ready in the future.

We walked outside Sunday afternoon after church not thinking
it would rain too much...half an hour later we realized
we were wrong.  It was a wonderful WET day!
This week we found another new investigator named Daniela. Following what we learned in the special training we have been focusing on teaching the restoration and establishing her testimony of the Book of Mormon. As a result we have seen some of her doubts more quickly but I believe if she continues and prays with real intent her conversion will be so much stronger.

She didn't feel comfortable going to church on Sunday but she was open with us Saturday night about her fears and we were able to address them. Although she did not come, I believe she sees that we really want the best for her and are not going to pressure her to make decisions just for us, but that we want her to make these changes for her good. I hope to continue to see her progression over the coming weeks.

This past week the hermanas from Bragado came to spend the night in our pench. Unfortunately they didn't get there until about 10:30 so we had a sleepover and were a little disobedient talking in bed until like midnight. I don't know the last time I was up so late!

They brought cute little coin purses that match for each of us because we have all been companions. (Hermana Cuevas was here in Ramos last transfer and now is in Bragado with Hermana Peterson.)

I was able to hear of some of the success in that area. Yesterday one of the investigators I found and taught, Alejandro, was baptized and the rest of his family will be baptized in a few weeks. Another family that we were working to activate has been going to church and their daughter will be baptized this next Saturday. A small selfish part of me was a little sad hearing of all the success that they are seeing but I feel as Alma describes in Alma 29,

14 "But I do not joy in my own success alone, but my joy is more full because of the success of my brethren, who have been up tothe land of Nephi.

 15 Behold, they have labored exceedingly, and have brought forth much fruit; and how great shall be their reward!

 16 Now, when I think of the success of these my brethren my soul is carried away, even to the separation of it from the body, as it were, so great is my joy."

I am so happy that they are seeing so much success and I know Hermana Peterson and Cuevas are there for a reason. I also know that I am here in Ramos for a reason and that the success will also come here if I am humble enough to continue learning and developing my faith in this area. I feel excited to keep working this week and develop what the Lord is giving us.

Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers. I love you all SOOOO much!


Hermana Mijo

P.S. I found the word Millet in the dictionary. In spanish my name really should be Hermana Mijo! Isn't that great!

Tacos with the Ward Mission Leader

Natalia and her family.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Change takes time and time brings change!


This week I had divisions with Hermana Benson. It was kind of a terrible, horrible no good very bad day in which everything that could go wrong did. We had a disaster weekly planning as a zone, Hermana Rohm took the keys to our apartment to San Justo so we were locked out, and pretty much no one was home or opened their doors.

However, Hermana Benson was a super good sport about it and was so full of optimism it was hard for me to be grumpy. We also finally were able to teach a lesson to a less active woman, Paola, and her brilliant 8 year old son, Amir, about the restoration. He won't actually count as our convert baptism because his mom is a member but we're  enjoying teaching him to prepare him for baptism anyway and helping his mom to become active again. He practically began teaching us as he understood it and his mom came to church on Sunday! (He was with his Dad for the weekend) Hermana Benson is an amazing teacher and the spirit was super strong.

We also bought ice cream at night to celebrate her 9 months in the mission.

Hermana Benson and Hermana Millet
It's Hermana Rohm's last transfer so each p-day we find ouselves on a new adventure. Last week we ate hambugers off the street with about 5,000 toppings. It was sooo unsanitary, sooo unhealthy and sooo delicious.

I am so full of different emotions today I'm not quite sure what to write about. Part of me is disappointed about what we accomplished this week and what I yearn to see happen here in Ramos. Part of me is full of concern for our Hermanas in Ramos and some of the challenges we are seeing with them. Part of me is full of inspiration that I have learned this week from Elder Gonzales, from other missionaries and from the spirit. And part of me is full of hope and gratitude at some of the small blessings we have seen this week.

Last week I wrote to President with a question about one of our investigators, this is what I said:

Our progressing investigator is a man named Alfredo. He is 83 years old and his daughter (his last family member still living) just passed away about a month ago. We have been teaching him since I came to Ramos. He is a really sweet old man who always accepts us and if we come to get him is willing to go to church. He cannot read because his eye sight is really bad (even with a big Book of Mormon and glasses) and still has not been able to give a sincere prayer without reading a piece of paper or being directed. He is living all of the commandments but cannot remember anything about the lessons we teach. I have been really torn in the past few weeks about what to do. I have a lot of regret that some of my investigators in Lujan are not active and living worthy of the covenants they made and I made a commitment that I would not baptize anyone but a worthy convert who understands the covenant of baptism and is willing to live it. Right now I do not feel that Alfredo will go to church each week, read the scriptures or pray, and I am not confident he will pay tithing or keep the word of wisdom (more than anything because of ignorance). However, I know that each of God's children needs the covenant of baptism.

So I would like your advice President. I am willing to baptize Alfredo if it is the Lord's will. If he is not able to understand everything and just needs to pass through this covenant I will help him. But I don't want to place a burden on the ward of a member who cannot live the commandments or baptize someone who will not be a worthy convert. I am continuing to pray and trying to listen to the opinion of Hermana Rohm but I would love to have your support to help me know what is the right thing to do.

He then replied:

Sister Millet:  You have such a pure heart. I look forward to your letter each week. If you don't think that Alfredo really understands the baptismal covenant then I think it would be best not to baptize him. I would recommend that you bring him up in ward council and explain how he is alone and see if the ward would be willing to show love and support to him. Not to prepare him for baptism, but because he is a son of God that has no one else in his life. Eventually he may understand enough to be baptized. If not, all that will take place when Christ comes.

With that said, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about baptism. If the people that you taught in Lujan believed and were willing to repent, your job was to baptize them. We never know who will stay strong and who will not. Some people I baptized that I thought for sure would be General Authorities are now inactive. A young man that I baptized that I wasn't too sure about, I ended up running into in the temple 10 years after his baptism. We have to keep baptizing; we just have to make sure we keep working with them after the baptism for many months to help them endure.

Go forward with faith. I know there is a reason you are there.

Un abrazo,
President Robertson

Alfredo wasn't able to come to church on Sunday which may actually be an answer to prayer. I didn't feel right about us having to go search for him in the morning knowing that his baptism was planned for this upcoming Saturday. When we went Sunday afternoon, however, he was dressed in a white shirt and tie with a suit coat, slacks and dress shoes. All of them old and a little dirty, but the best he has, ready to go to church. It gave me a little more hope that he is understanding more than I think.

He also came with us to a baptism on Saturday night and was feeling excited about his baptism. We taught him a little more about the covenant of baptism and gave him the pre-interview and I feel that with a little more time he can be baptized. I hope to work more with the ward council in the next few weeks so that we have a plan of action to help him before and after his baptism.


Springtime in Ramos.
This last week I have been studying obedience and noting things that I believe we need to improve upon as a companionship, such as keeping our lunches under 1 hour, and using our time more wisely with members. I also want to put more effort into incorporating the members in effective ways to find more investigators. We have been getting to know them over the past few weeks and now that I feel that we have some confidence with them I would like to begin to work in a better way with them.

This past week we had some great experiences with member referrals. I am learning how, especially in Ramos, some of these referrals will take more time. They are not people that we can immediately teach and commit to baptism, but are individuals with whom the members have been working for months or years. If we can be patient and continue to encourage these efforts I believe they will pay off with long lasting converts.

Yesterday I learned that one of the members who grew up in Bragado is talking with one of the investigators I left it that area, Alejandro. She was friends with him growing up and shared the gospel with him but he was never ready. In a facebook conversation he told her how Hermana Peterson and I arrived at a time when their family needed so badly the unity of the gospel and how excited he is. Hermana Peterson and Cuevas have continued to teach them and they have all come to church the past few weeks! His wife and children are progressing a little more slowly for a baptismal date in October but he has plans to be baptized on Saturday!

This member worked with him for years and the fruits are finally coming! I have a goal that if every member of the ward in Ramos could have one or two families with whom they are working and praying to share the gospel, we could baptize every month. The work is a little slower, okay A LOT, here in Ramos, but I know it's just because there are things the Lord wants me to learn and apply to become a better missionary and a better daughter of God. I am learning to be happy all day every day because I am doing the Lord's work.

I love being a missionary! I love you all! I love my savior Jesus Christ and his plan of happiness for me!


Hermana Millet

P.S. I finally found an Argentine world cup jersey with Messi's number. It's trucho because the real ones cost like 700 pesos but I love it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Amamos Ramos!


How are you all! I hope you have a wonderful Labor day! I hope you remember how much I love you!

To answer some of your questions, yes, I have a washing machine! I have been washing all my clothes by hand although I did take some of them to a Laudromat twice.

So we went to Subway last week (not the same but still
really good) and they had the Mundial chips.  I don't know
if they exist there in the states, but here they have chips for
every country with special flavors from their signature food.
Obviously, Argentina is tastes like asado!
Gotta love Argentina!

Asado Lays.  Yes, they do exist.
We are way closer to the offices and are there at least twice a week now. They are actually in my area (the offices are attached to our church building). That part is nice because I get your letters and packages every day and can get help when we need it.

Have I told you how this woman is the daughter of the
Relief Society President in Bragado?  She filled me in on
Sunday that David and Cecilia went to the temple Saturday.
I think you already heard that we had a Relief Society activity
on Saturday and each ward had a decade.  We were the 40's
(totally the classiest) and so we dressed up the best we could.
These are our 40's faces as we tried not to laugh.
The city is waaaay different. To be honest I really miss campo, but I'm trying to enjoy Ramos. We can walk all day and not teach any lessons here and finding new investigators is really hard. We also have a hard time getting members to help us. There are little experiences that are great because I'm still a missionary preaching the gospel, but I think I'm more of a country girl.

This is the back of my planner.  It's there to remind me
what life used to be like before I had blisters on my
toes and my legs were killing me. LOL

Here's what's going on here in BAW!

Although we had a few discouraging days without much success  this week it seemed that the Lord blessed us with tender mercies to help us have animo to keep going. On Thursday we had a few lessons fall through and were a little discouraged but that evening we were finally able to have a lesson with a woman named Lorena and her daughter Areseli. They had listened to the hermanas before and like our visits but don't have great desires to act upon what they learn. We talked to them about eternal families and the blessings of the temple. Lorena was really touched by the idea of having her family forever and felt the spirit but when it came time to make a commitment she second guessed herself and began to give excuses. We knew that she had felt the spirit, however, and were extremely bold in responding to her doubts. It was a wonderful moment of feeling the power of the spirit in our words as missionaries. I hope we will be able to help Lorena act upon the knowledge that she now has but I will be able to know that we fought for her salvation.

This is our viajito investigator Alfredo.  Don't mind my
"hurry and get posed before the picture flashes" face.
Friday we had another long day with few moments of success, but on Saturday we learned it was just because Heavenly Father was building us up for an awesome Saturday.

Before lunch we had our first lesson with a street contact named Tito. We said hello to him in the street and he stopped and asked us if we are from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He then proceeded to tell us that he had been to church two weeks before! He told us he is searching for more peace and direction! We were able to teach him on Saturday and when we invited him to be baptized he looked at the picture of Christ's baptism and said, "Yes, that is the true baptism." He literally is a blessing that just fell from the heavens and we are so incredibly grateful! I can't wait to see his progression.

Hermana Millet and Hermana Rohm

Hermana Rohm finished her last month celebration
so we bought some really expensive ice cream.
It was sooo good.  We may or  may not have eaten
the whole thing in one sitting. :)
Perhaps the best moment of the week was Saturday night when we were finally able to teach a less active woman that we have been trying to contact since I arrived in Ramos, Jaqueline. She was extremely open with us from the beginning and told us all about her past. She is from Paraguay and her parents are very active in the church. She grew up active but when she married her husband (who is a nonmember) she stopped going. She told us that she knows she has no other excuse and that she just has to make the decision. It is hard to describe how I felt but I was just overcome with love for this woman. As she talked about her desire to come back to church and have her family in the gospel I felt one of the strongest spiritual impressions of my life. I had an overwhelming feeling to promise her that if she will come back to church her husband will eventually accept the gospel. As she talked I felt as though she is my purpose here in Ramos. I know there will be a lot of work to help her but I believe I came to know her for a reason.

This week I went to Atalaya for divisions with
Hermana Stevens.  She lives in good old WVC and
went to Cyprus High School.  She knows Kirsti Henroid,
who I played soccer with, and is in the same ward as a
teacher from Diamond Ridge.  She's also taller than I am.  YES!!
I am so excited to see the work in Ramos begin to move forward. We have so much to accomplish here. I know I have so much to learn and grow before I go home and I am excited to give my all to become what my Heavenly Father wants me to become.

I love you soooo much!


Hermana Millet