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What a wonderful week of miracles!

The greatest of all occurred with Rafaela. My love for her and her family is continuing to grow so much! On Saturday we stopped by to confirm plans for church on Sunday and she and all of her family were outside working on their house (they are constructing a second level). They told us to sit down and wait for them to finish and then we could talk but obviously we weren't going to do that. It was a perfect service opportunity! So we jumped in and started helping to bring the cement in buckets to the men working on the roof. It was really something little and as we were there I had a few thoughts questioning whether it was the best use of our time when we were so in desperate need of new investigators etc. but we kept working.

After a while we finished up and were able to talk to Rafaela for a few minutes. She explained to us how previously her sister, who is an active member in Paraguay, tried to talk with her about the church but she didn't want to have anything to do with it, but now she wants to hear everything. She told us how she loves having us come over and wants to learn it all and go to church! My heart was almost beating out of my chest as I listened to her share her change of heart with us. It was so incredibly beautiful.

This experience was such a testimony to me of how a simple act of service can open so many hearts. The husbands of Jaqueline and Rafaela were both there working and haven't liked listening to us much but their attitude toward us is changing little by little as we gain their confidence. It also softened the heart of Rafaela to share with us her feelings.

The Hermanas
The blessings didn't stop there, however. After our baptism that night we were still short a lesson with a member for our goal as well as contacted references and new investigators. It was 8:30 and our plans had fallen through. We stopped by the house of a part member family in which we had received a reference and miraculously they were there. We talked to the member for a few minutes and she told us she was just leaving and didn't have time to talk. We set up a CPV and asked if there was anything else we could do when she said, "Maybe a prayer." She invited us in and went to search for her husband who is not a member! We then were able to pray with her and her husband and teach them a little about prayer and how it can strengthen families. I could not believe how the Lord had paved the way for us to be able to contact this family and have such a great lesson with them at the end of our day. I know that when we are focused on the Lord's purposes He will help us to achieve His goals.

I have been so incredibly full of joy these past few days. I just can't hold inside all happiness that I feel in doing the Lord's work. I am so excited to come home but sometimes I wish I could just be a missionary forever.

Thank you for your support as always. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends, in the US as well as in Argentina. I LOVE YOU!

Sincerely a missionary forever,

Hermana Millet

Alfredo got baptized!  Hooray!
PS. Alfredo's baptism went wonderfully. Although he complained about how cold the water was and slipped in the bathroom it was a beautiful service. He told us he will go to the regular meetings but he never wants to take a bath in the church again haha. I just love that old man.

Alfredo showing off the necklace Hermana Rohm
bought for him as a going away present.
It's boca (one of the soccer teams here).
PSS. Today is Columbus Day and they do celebrate it here in Argentina because he discovered all of the Americas.  Whatever excuse they've got they celebrate haha.  It's great, aside from the fact that it's Monday and everything is closed.  Luckily we still have ciber and the supermarket.

Zone Activity
Last Monday we had a zone activity and played sports. It was way fun. The zone leaders tried to organize hockey and Frisbee but we always resorted back to futbol because it's way more fun.

I LOVE playing soccer with the elders because they are all so good. (And they all get a little impressed that I can actually play haha, That's my prideful side coming out though.)

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