Monday, June 30, 2014

Raising the Vision

Hello my beautiful family! I hope you are all doing well! Thank you for your long letters. I can't wait to read them!

This week was a disappointing one for us. We did not find great new investigators and set fechas that will last. We also had some problems on Saturday and Sunday in the morning which meant we weren't able to confirm plans for church and resulted in only 2 investigators in Sacrament Meeting. We know we have a lot of work to do this week to reach our goal of 3 baptisms for the month of July and get ready for August. We talked last night about things we can change in our work and in our hearts to have more success.

Hermana Peterson, Aldo, Patricia and Hermana Millet
Aldo and Patricia have been listening to the missionaries for about 3 years now. They were waiting for their papers from Mendoza so they could get married and then baptized. Basically, they've been dry members for years. When Hermana Suarez came on divisions a few months ago she was able to talk to some friends in Mendoza to send the papers they needed. On Friday they had their wedding (we couldn't go because we were in Ramos :( but the members threw an awesome lunch afterward) and yesterday they were baptized. The first Elder that taught them lives in Buenos Aires so he and his family traveled so he could baptize Patricia. The service was flawless and incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful I was able to see this step in their progression!

Jennifer with Hermana Carter
Hermana Carter has had as grand an influence in my life as President Carter. She is one of the most beautiful, spiritual, strong women I know. I am so grateful for her love, friendship and example. She has always found time to talk with me personally. On Friday she told me about your letter mom and how nice it was. I am so grateful to have gotten to know her and have another example of a righteous woman in my life.

On Friday in our last leadership meeting President Carter shared with us 4 focuses of the mission: members, families, worthy converts/repentance, teachings. Most of the ideas were things I already knew but it really helped me to raise my vision and remember my purpose here in the mission.

I have some regret about getting caught up in trying to reach my monthly goals and not focusing on working in the best way to baptize families and people that are really converted and will stay active their whole lives. I am sad to see that many of my converts from my first area in Lujan whom I thought were worthy converts, have not stayed worthy of the covenants they made. I have continued to learn throughout my mission and develop a greater understanding of how I can and should be working to build the kingdom of God. For the last six months of my mission I hope I will be able to incorporate all of what I have learned to still baptized every month but to help my investigators reach a state of conversion in which I know they will stay active in the church and help build up the gospel here in Bragado.

For this reason I am so excited about our family with which we are working right now, David and Cecilia. This week we weren't able to see David until Saturday and when we went he told us he hadn't read or prayed for a few days. We could definitely note a difference in him. We talked about the importance of the little things, even when we don't feel like we want to talk to Heavenly Father. He seemed to be a little better later in the lesson and on Sunday. They stayed for all three hours of church and then another hour for the baptism. We then ate lunch with them around 3:00. It was the 29th of the month so we ate niokis, a traditional Argentine dish. It was pretty good.  This week Cecilia told me that they are saving any extra money they receive so they can travel to Utah and be sealed in the Salt Lake temple in a year. She also went to our English class on Wednesday and has been practicing praying in English! I really just feel like they are my good friends and I am so excited to have found them!

We have so much work to do in our area but David and Cecilia give me hope. There are prepared people waiting for us if we can become the prepared missionaries the Lord needs.

We also had another little miracle that I will try to tell you about in 3 minutes. David gave us the referral for his brother about a week ago and we have gone by almost everyday but could never find them. On Thursday we finally found them at home and taught their whole family the plan of salvation! It was amazing! They have four beautiful children and were married about 2 months ago. As with all investigators, they have some challenges but I have faith that we can help them understand their need for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for them to open up their hearts and feel the spirit! I have high hopes for them!

That's about all I have time for! I love you SOOOO Much! Until next week!


Hermana Millet

P.S. Things might change here soon, so I took a picture of the mission office to remember.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Miracle Week in Bragado!


Wow! What an amazing week. As I mentioned last week, in the last transfer I was feeling a little lacking in...something. Heavenly Father knows our needs, however, and is so merciful. He blessed me with an amazing companion and since the first day she came to Bragado we haven't stopped seeing miracles. From the first lesson we taught together I felt a great spirit with Hermana Peterson and in each lesson afterward I have continued to learn from her teaching. I know I personally, as well as the city of Bragado, needed her to be here.

Introducing Hermana Peterson
Hermana Peterson is from Arkansas. She is 2...1 I think and is awesome. I think I mentioned her in a letter about five months ago when she shared an experience with the HLE about her desire to improve and the miracles she saw. Since that time I have respected her and now I have the opportunity to work with her!

She is studying to be a nurse at BYU, has four brothers and sisters, all of her family is active in the church. I can harmonize when I sing again (HOORAY!). She is always happy and positive and full of the spirit.

She goes home in September (one more transfer after this) so if we stay together after this transfer the chances that I get to stay here in Bragado until December are pretty high (yes I have figured it out) lol.

That's about what I know so far. I'll keep you updated as to how it goes but right now I couldn't be happier.

I can't express how grateful I feel this week for the spirit that I have felt each day since Monday. I began planning our week thinking that I wouldn't be back until Saturday night. From Sunday night until we began working on Monday I was praying fervently that the Lord would bless us as we were worthy. From 6:00 Monday night until 9:30 Tuesday night we taught 10 lessons with a member and 3 others and found 7 new investigators. It was seriously a miracle, but it was just the beginning. Heavenly Father has been preparing our area and we have been seeing the harvest day after day this week.

Some of our greatest miracles have come with David and Cecilia who have my heart right now. Each and every day I am more and more impressed with them and their progress. Tuesday night we taught the plan of salvation and Hermana Morales said goodbye. They were both upset, and especially David. In his closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for sending us both to bring their family the truth. It was one of the most heartfelt prayers I have heard and it was such a needed confirmation to me of his progress. I knew Cecilia was progressing wonderfully but I wasn't sure if David really had a testimony of the restoration. From that moment on, however, I have seen him progress drastically. He finally started reading the Book of Mormon and hasn't stopped. He not only reads but understands and asks questions. He and Cecilia are looking up all they can find about temples, the word of wisdom, fasting etc. on and are always looking to strengthen their understanding and testimonies.

David and Cecilia with their wedding papers!

You will probably be sick of hearing about David and Cecilia in a month but they are wonderful.

They have been looking up information about Utah trying to find our house, looking at the cost of hotels and flights and the distance of our house from the city haha. I'm hoping they can come visit us and maybe even get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in a year!

One of the greatest blessings of watching someone really become converted to the gospel is their desire to share. Cecilia had already sent us to her family and this week David gave us the references of his siblings and parents. On Friday we found and taught David's mom and her pareja, Aldo, with Cecilia. They accepted the restoration immediately. The spirit in that lesson was a missionary's dream come true. They agreed to read, pray and come to church without hesitation and were there in the district conference on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Aldo is in the process of a divorce and so it could be years until they are able to be married and baptized. I know they are prepared, however, and my goal is to help them reach a point of conversion that they will be willing to wait, whatever time it takes, to be baptized.

The pictures above are from our district conference this weekend! I love them! It was Pres. Carter's last Sunday. We had it in the firestation and there was a black cat wandering around the whole time lol. The picture with Hermana Peterson and I has Cecilia in the background and the other one with Jazmin (she burnt her face :() has her grandma (David's mom) and her boyfriend (basically husband) in the background. They are awesome!

I couldn't be more grateful for the miracles we are seeing here in Bragado. I know I have a lot more to learn and grow to be worthy and prepared to find more prepared people here but I feel like our work is just getting started here.

We also had a wonderful moment visiting the Rizzo family this week. President Carter helped to reactivate them about a year ago. Their son just left for a mission in Brazil last week. I had never met his parents, however, because his father is dying of cancer right now and they can't come to church. I have wanted to meet them since I've been here and so finally we passed by on Saturday. Hermana Rizzo was so excited because the hermanas hadn't been by in a long time. We talked with Hermana Rizzo for a few minutes and then asked if we could say hello to her husband. He can't talk or move very well but whispered to us in English. We asked if we could sing to him and he told us his favorite hymn is "I know that My Redeemer Lives". We sang for him and the spirit was so incredibly strong. It was just a little tender mercy to feel the spirit in their home and help this sweet family have a moment of peace.

President and Sister Carter with the Rizzo family.
One last miracle for the week, Aldo and Patricia have been investigators since I got here. They have been waiting for papers from Mendoza for years so they can get married. They are pretty much dry members. They finally received the papers and their wedding is this Friday. Aldo had to be interviewed by President Carter for something that occurred in the past but yesterday they both passed their interviews and right now everything is set for their baptism after waiting three years!

I am so happy at the progress we are seeing and the wonderful people we getting to know and help come unto Christ. I know this is the work of the Lord and that there is no greater joy. I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for your love, prayers and support. I pray for you each day and hope for your well being and happiness. I hope you have a great week and see a miracle each day!

Love your favorite miracle lover, Hermana Millet

PS. I almost forgot to tell you! I didn't have to stay in Ramos this week! My companion has a family of five that she was working with in her last area of Moron that is being baptized soon. President was trying to be nice and let her stay for their baptism but it turns out it actually isn't for another week or two...oops haha. So we got back late Wednesday night and worked all week.

This is how the streets looked after the World Cup game.
  I don't know if you can see the flags, but it is pretty great!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jen's Father's Day gift to her dad.

I can't seem to figure out how to post this as a direct link, but if you highlight the address and right click you can "go to" the link so you can see Hermana Millet's Father's Day gift to her dad.  Her companion is recording and the other singer is Hermana Romina Martinez from the ward in Bragado. They were practicing for a song they sang in church on Sunday. It made us all cry.

Letter from one of Jen's kindergarten moms.

Look at this adorable email this mom sent me! Mommy, thanks for the blog. You're the best. I wouldn't get any of these letters if it weren't for you.

Hi!  This is Lindsey's mom.  I just wanted to let you know that Lindsey and I have been following your blog as you are on your mission.  She watches and adores you!  She has even started, literally, saving her pennies for her mission.  She turned seven in March and is such a sweet girl.  She has mastered the two-wheeled bike, reading, and she is quite the singer.  She is a light to our family and we are so blessed to have her and her brother here.
I just wanted to share a little bit with you as I am feeling impressed to do so tonight.  Siona (Lindsey's Dad and I) have been together for a while.  We were- what's the word- juntado for a long time and struggling to become pregnant.  We had both grown up members of the church but had fallen so far away.  We had two miscarriages and were feeling despair.  That is when Laua's and Lindsey's biological father (Siona's brother) passed away unexpectedly in Samoa.  We tried for several years to bring the kids here to America and finally the mother said yes.  That is when our life really changed.  We started going back to church, paying tithing, and we got married!  Through miraculous workings of the Lord, we brought the kids over and we were sealed in the temple two years ago this July.   I am a firm believer that the Lord had a plan for our family all along.  I feel deep in my heart that Lindsey, Laua, and Siona and I were a family in the preexistence and that we loved each other so much.  I think the biggest lesson for me is that although I tried to think I was okay being juntado, I was missing out on so many blessings that are possible only with an eternal family.Thank you for setting such a great example for our daughter.  You are a really cool lady.  I hope Lindsey can see you again when you get back. Take care and we'll keep watching and praying for you.  Sincerely, Pam Tafili

Here's what six months looks like!

Dear Family:

First of all I'll tell you a little about our day yesterday. I'm assuming you all know it is world cup season and for Argentina, Mundial (world cup) is kind of like the Olympics, the Super Bowl, March Madness and the World Series all put together. We literally have to schedule our visits around the games and when Argentina is playing we are required to be in the pench 1. because no one will let us in 2. because they like to party and drink. Well anyway, yesterday Argentina played and so we came home at 7:00. The streets were deserted!

Deserted streets during the World Cup game.
At about 9:00 we were watching a church movie when we heard all sorts of cars and horns honking. We went out on our balcony and watched as the streets filled with motos (motorcycles) and cars honking their horns and waving their Argentine flags. It was hilarious! It was kind of fun but these next four weeks are going to be a little difficult if Argentina continues to play well. I'm not quite sure yet if I want them to do well or not haha.

Later that night we got a call from one of the assistants. He informed us that Hermana Morales is leaving Bragado and that I need to go to transfers this week with a bag for 3 days. He doesn't know why and at this point doesn't know if any other hermanas will be doing the same thing. Needless to say, I'm rather curious.

Hermana Morales is taking the change rather hard and isn't super happy about it right now. I'm not quite sure how to comfort her but I'm just trying to show her lots of love and wait patiently as she works through all her feelings.

I'm kind of excited to take the lead in Bragado but also super stressed about this week. We won't be in our area from Wednesday until Saturday night and there is still an expectation to reach all of our indicators so basically I've got tonight, Tuesday and Sunday to have 8 lessons with a member, 7 others, find 8 new investigators, make 70 contacts and make sure all my investigators come to church. And today and tomorrow Hermana Morales wants to visit all the members and her converts to say goodbye. Prayers appreciated!


This week has been really wonderful. This transfer has been a little difficult personally. I think I was getting a little complacent (is that the word?) and I wasn't working each day to change and to see miracles. This last week, however, I feel like I've started to rely on the Lord a little more and feel more of His spirit in my work.

Hermana Redford and Hermana Millet
On Tuesday after our district meeting I headed off the 9 de Julio (another town) with Hermana Redford for divisions. We spent the entire bus ride (and basically the entire two days we were together) catching up on everything that has happened in the past year. It was awesome. She has not had a lot of success here in Argentina and I had really been praying to know what to do and say to help her. We had a pretty good evening Tuesday with a new family and two lessons with a member. On Wednesday it was rainy and kind of miserable and we had pretty much no success. We pushed our way into 2 lessons with new investigators, neither of which were super interested but all in all it was a pretty discouraging day. I had really wanted to help Hermana Redford find miracles in her area and I wasn't sure what we were missing. We went back to the pench and had our final interview and had a really good talk about what the Lord was trying to teach us. We talked about setting baptismal dates in every lesson, and having the faith and humility to rely on the Lord for miracles. I really felt the spirit as we reviewed the day and the lessons the Lord was maybe trying to teach us about humility and faith.

Friday the 13th!
As I returned to Bragado on Friday we had a very similar day. Literally we experienced a Friday the 13th. Once again we worked all day and only had 1 lesson. I tried to practice my patience and faith, first looking for things maybe I need to improve and then waiting patiently for the blessings to come as we continue diligently.

And boy did they come.

Hermana Millet, David, Cecilia, Jazmin and Hermana Morales
On Saturday we had plans to make tacos with Cecilia and David our cute little family who is wonderful but still hasn't set a wedding date. We made tortillas in the morning and then headed over and ate with them in the afternoon.
Jazmin making tortillas.  Isn't she adorable! 
The tacos were delicious and we talked about how they met and where they want to get married etc. We then showed them a clip from Juntos Para Siempre (Together Forever) about a couple whose daughter dies. It really hit David because his daughter Jazmin is everything to him. As we talked afterward I think Hermana Morales and I were both just praying to have the right words fill our mouths because we really didn't know what to say. We talked a little about our purpose as missionaries and the reason we want so badly for them to accept the blessings of the gospel. Then somehow I heard David agreeing to a wedding date and baptismal date in July! They are trying to set their date at the registro civil right now! I'm still not quite sure how it happened but I know it was a miracle from the Lord. I am so excited to continue to watch them progress toward baptism and one day marriage in the temple.

Our other investigator we are still working with is Nestor. I am learning a lot of patience with him. I think I told you a little about him last week. He is working on quitting smoking and this week he stayed down to one pack the whole week. We are having to work really slowly with him but I have faith. One of our members (you should be friends with him on Facebook Benjamin and Veronica Islas) told us the other day not to give up on Nestor. He has witnessed the change in him and has a lot of faith that he can have a different life.

It's been a really great week and I am excited for the things that are starting to happen here in Bragado. I now know that I will be staying here and I'm feeling a little more responsibility and love for the area. It will be really hard for the members to see Hermana Morales go but I hope little by little I can gain their trust and help them become even more involved in the work.

That's about all. Here's to a great week and an even more interesting one to come.

Part of me can't believe I've already reached a year but the other part looks back on all that has happened, all the wonderful experiences and lessons learned and I can't believe that it has only been a year. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve a mission and I look forward to the following six months and all that I can continue to learn and those who I can continue to find and help receive the restored gospel.

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for your letters, love, prayers and most of all examples. Have a wonderful week!

Love, your favorite one year old, Hermana Millet

Six months of M&M's.
Happy One Year!
PS. This is a picture of a little baggy of M&M's for each day I have left in the mission from Hermana Carter. This week there are six months left. Therefore, the title of today's email.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The work continues.


Hmm...what to write you about this week. It was kind of a normal week without a lot of amazing stories.

Mom, I liked the potato salad story. Do you want to know how you make potato salad here? Cut up some potatoes, hard boiled eggs, sometimes weird pea things, squirt a bunch of oil on top and mayo and there you go. A whole lot easier than searching at 5 different stores for Durkeys. Maybe you should try it that way. ;)

This week I had a wonderful experience to go on divisions with Hermana Suarez in Salidillos. To be completely honest, I was a little nervous because we did not have the best companionship in the whole world when we were together; however, it was a really learning experience. I hope that I was able to help her but I also know I learned a lot about myself. In my first transfer here I think I was full of pride and selfishness, and I was super lost and confused so I didn't appreciate Hermana Suarez like I should have. In this division I was able to see her more as a person and come to understand her. It was a great lesson for me.

 On Monday night we had a dinner with the Alldridge Family and President. IT WAS AMAZING! She fixed meatloaf with baked potatoes, baked carrots, a real salad with various veggies and DRESSING, rolls, fruit, and cookies. I was in heaven and Hermana Alldridge is an angel. I was also given the command that night that I have to teach my companion English. She has four months left and wants to stay here in Bragado. If she can speak English in like a week President said she can stay. I'm now considered disobedient if I speak Spanish to her.

Dinner with the Alldredges. Yum!!
Tuesday morning we had our zone meeting which turned out pretty well. As part of our little talk/training thing we had everyone write down their fears and then we went outside and burned them. It was pretty cool.

We had a pretty cool experience this week with one of our investigators Cecilia. She is awesome and this week she told us she wanted us to talk to her family so on Thursday she went with us to her parent's house and we taught her Dad, sister-in-law and uncle. We have high hopes for Cecilia and David and all of their family.

We are also working with a kid named Nestor. He just turned 26 yesterday and is great. We started working with him and his dad and to be honest I didn't think he would progress; I was more focused on his father. Since then however, he has been to church twice and loves to hear the lessons. When we showed him a picture of the temple he couldn't stop looking at it. He asked "Can you really be married forever?" Today he asked if he can go to the temple. He really loves church and yesterday commented how he feels so much better there than at his house. Here's the catch: he doesn't want to/can't quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana. He has a pretty terrible home life with a father who drinks and smokes and his mom hasn't been around for who knows how long. It's interesting to think where he could be right now if he were placed in a different family with a different situation. Hermana Morales was praying last night and mentioned that we knew him in the pre existence and promised to help him quit his vices and find the gospel. I loved this perspective. It's so easy to judge people but when I see people like Nestor I know he is a son of God that one day could be a worthy priesthood holder with a forever family. If you have suggestions on how to help him quit let me know!

That's about it for the week. We're working away and trying to improve day by day. I know that this is the true church of Christ. There is nothing I would rather be doing than helping His children learn of Him. I am so grateful for the wonderful family I was born into and for your wonderful examples. Thank you all for your love and support!


Hermana Millet

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First week in Bragado.


My goodness I love you all so much. Guess what I got this week! Two beautiful packages! AH! I was SOO excited! Thank you so much for the letters (handwritten are always extra special) and the leggings, and music, and softlips, and cute little doodads. You are the bestest. I also got a sweet letter from Henry Moore, one of my kindergarteners, who is getting baptized in December! What the heck! My cute little students are giant now! I'm going to try to write him back this week.

Campo.  Campo means field but it is what they call
 Chivilcoy because it is so far away.  Lujan was also campo
 because we had so many fields, dirt streets, etc.
  Basically it is kind of like rural.

My bed in Bragado.

Our beautiful kitchen!

Our study area.

So this is the bus terminal at 2:30 in the morning.
 The dogs basically just chill in whatever
 building they want here.  LOL
 Also, I have something funny to tell you. Guess where my zone leader is from. Just guess. I'll give you a hint. I once wrote a poem with this town in it because it was the only one that rhymed with my name lol. Yeah, crazy right! Good old Henefer. He was so impressed when I knew the town. You can go visit his family when you are at East Canyon. And Elder Streadbeck my old zone leader is from Morgan. Small world.

I am loving my time here in Bragado so far getting to know the members, investigators and the zone. My mind has been really focused these past few days on how I can be more worthy to receive revelation for my zone. We are really struggling right now and I feel a great desire to help us improve as a team.

I know the first step is to set an example ourselves. We are working on this, but still have a lot to improve upon as a companionship as well. We had a few small incidents with disobedience with our schedule that I know needs to change this week. I am also trying to adapt some of my thinking to the experience Hermana Morales has here in campo. I am slowly trying to help us use the members more effectively to have lessons with fechas and not just with part member families that aren't coming to church, be a little more detailed and bold in making sure our investigators have firm commitments to come to church etc. I believe these small changes can make a great different in our work here.

Guess who I had divisions with?  Hermana Alley!! :)
This week I had the opportunity to go to 25 de Mayo for divisions with Hermana Alley. To be completely honest I feel like I should have done more to help her and teach her, however, I am grateful for the lessons we were able to learn together. I talked a lot with her, and tried to show her, about setting baptismal dates. Many of her investigators had 3-5 lessons and still didn't have a fecha or weren't setting dates to get married. Hermana Alley has a great desire to fulfill her purpose and has a fear of dropping her investigators before she has given them the complete opportunity to accept the gospel. Together we tried to figure out what is best for each person and for our sacred time as missionaries. I know as we follow the spirit in each lesson we will be guided to know who needs a little more time and can and will progress and when we should focus on finding new chosen investigators.
Who wants to go swimming?  25 de Mayo is pretty small.
Their church is in a house.  And...are you ready for it?
This is their baptismal font!  It's a little swimming pool out back.
And NO, they don't have hot water right now.
It is times like these that I am glad I am a hermana and not an elder.
We also had an experience this week with another Hermana. She and her companion called us Saturday afternoon because she had told her companion that she wanted to go home. We counseled with her, shared a few personal experiences and instructed her to direct her fast with the purpose of knowing and accepting Heavenly Father's will in regard to her mission and then to work with all her effort over the weekend to focus on her investigators. Last night when we called her she told us how much better she was doing. She thanked us for our advice and told us she knows that it was Satan that was trying to influence her to leave her sacred calling. I am so grateful for these opportunities to witness the spirit in the lives of the hermanas. I know we were directed with the words she needed to hear and that the power of fasting is real. She is a wonderful missionary and I am so grateful to see her progress.

The best story of our week is a couple, Cecilia and David. They are both about my age and have a little girl that is 4. They are so cute and just have a special light about them. Unfortunately, they are juntado (not married). We have taught them a few times these past two weeks and they are progressing wonderfully. We had an awesome lesson with them on Wednesday night where we taught the restoration. The spirit was super strong and they just got it! They are reading and praying together and love all of our lessons. They didn't come to church for the first two weeks and we were about to give up on them but they promised this week they would come. On our way to church we saw them walking (it's quite a long way) all together! We were so excited! They loved church and we are hoping they can set a date to get married in the next week or two. Cecilia really wants to but David doesn't understand the rush. He thinks I am only there to get them married. He is praying about it right now. That is a really lame way to tell the story but I am just so excited for them. They are wonderful and I know they will be baptized eventually.

That's about it for the week. President is coming to Bragado tonight and we are having dinner with him and President Alldridge. We are getting ready to get the cane dropped on us lol. We have more divisions this week and are partly in charge of our zone meeting tomorrow, which President will be in, oh joy. So it's a time of a lot of stress but also a lot of joy.

I love you all with all my heart. I am so grateful to claim you as my family. Thank you for all you do for me!

Love, your favorite marriage advocate, Hermana Millet

P.S. for Kat and Eric.  I told Jen you got engaged Sunday and this is her response:  "AHHHH! Enserio! Oh my gosh! That is awesome! Tell her she needs to write me and tell me the story! AHHH! YAY!"