Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Here's what six months looks like!

Dear Family:

First of all I'll tell you a little about our day yesterday. I'm assuming you all know it is world cup season and for Argentina, Mundial (world cup) is kind of like the Olympics, the Super Bowl, March Madness and the World Series all put together. We literally have to schedule our visits around the games and when Argentina is playing we are required to be in the pench 1. because no one will let us in 2. because they like to party and drink. Well anyway, yesterday Argentina played and so we came home at 7:00. The streets were deserted!

Deserted streets during the World Cup game.
At about 9:00 we were watching a church movie when we heard all sorts of cars and horns honking. We went out on our balcony and watched as the streets filled with motos (motorcycles) and cars honking their horns and waving their Argentine flags. It was hilarious! It was kind of fun but these next four weeks are going to be a little difficult if Argentina continues to play well. I'm not quite sure yet if I want them to do well or not haha.

Later that night we got a call from one of the assistants. He informed us that Hermana Morales is leaving Bragado and that I need to go to transfers this week with a bag for 3 days. He doesn't know why and at this point doesn't know if any other hermanas will be doing the same thing. Needless to say, I'm rather curious.

Hermana Morales is taking the change rather hard and isn't super happy about it right now. I'm not quite sure how to comfort her but I'm just trying to show her lots of love and wait patiently as she works through all her feelings.

I'm kind of excited to take the lead in Bragado but also super stressed about this week. We won't be in our area from Wednesday until Saturday night and there is still an expectation to reach all of our indicators so basically I've got tonight, Tuesday and Sunday to have 8 lessons with a member, 7 others, find 8 new investigators, make 70 contacts and make sure all my investigators come to church. And today and tomorrow Hermana Morales wants to visit all the members and her converts to say goodbye. Prayers appreciated!


This week has been really wonderful. This transfer has been a little difficult personally. I think I was getting a little complacent (is that the word?) and I wasn't working each day to change and to see miracles. This last week, however, I feel like I've started to rely on the Lord a little more and feel more of His spirit in my work.

Hermana Redford and Hermana Millet
On Tuesday after our district meeting I headed off the 9 de Julio (another town) with Hermana Redford for divisions. We spent the entire bus ride (and basically the entire two days we were together) catching up on everything that has happened in the past year. It was awesome. She has not had a lot of success here in Argentina and I had really been praying to know what to do and say to help her. We had a pretty good evening Tuesday with a new family and two lessons with a member. On Wednesday it was rainy and kind of miserable and we had pretty much no success. We pushed our way into 2 lessons with new investigators, neither of which were super interested but all in all it was a pretty discouraging day. I had really wanted to help Hermana Redford find miracles in her area and I wasn't sure what we were missing. We went back to the pench and had our final interview and had a really good talk about what the Lord was trying to teach us. We talked about setting baptismal dates in every lesson, and having the faith and humility to rely on the Lord for miracles. I really felt the spirit as we reviewed the day and the lessons the Lord was maybe trying to teach us about humility and faith.

Friday the 13th!
As I returned to Bragado on Friday we had a very similar day. Literally we experienced a Friday the 13th. Once again we worked all day and only had 1 lesson. I tried to practice my patience and faith, first looking for things maybe I need to improve and then waiting patiently for the blessings to come as we continue diligently.

And boy did they come.

Hermana Millet, David, Cecilia, Jazmin and Hermana Morales
On Saturday we had plans to make tacos with Cecilia and David our cute little family who is wonderful but still hasn't set a wedding date. We made tortillas in the morning and then headed over and ate with them in the afternoon.
Jazmin making tortillas.  Isn't she adorable! 
The tacos were delicious and we talked about how they met and where they want to get married etc. We then showed them a clip from Juntos Para Siempre (Together Forever) about a couple whose daughter dies. It really hit David because his daughter Jazmin is everything to him. As we talked afterward I think Hermana Morales and I were both just praying to have the right words fill our mouths because we really didn't know what to say. We talked a little about our purpose as missionaries and the reason we want so badly for them to accept the blessings of the gospel. Then somehow I heard David agreeing to a wedding date and baptismal date in July! They are trying to set their date at the registro civil right now! I'm still not quite sure how it happened but I know it was a miracle from the Lord. I am so excited to continue to watch them progress toward baptism and one day marriage in the temple.

Our other investigator we are still working with is Nestor. I am learning a lot of patience with him. I think I told you a little about him last week. He is working on quitting smoking and this week he stayed down to one pack the whole week. We are having to work really slowly with him but I have faith. One of our members (you should be friends with him on Facebook Benjamin and Veronica Islas) told us the other day not to give up on Nestor. He has witnessed the change in him and has a lot of faith that he can have a different life.

It's been a really great week and I am excited for the things that are starting to happen here in Bragado. I now know that I will be staying here and I'm feeling a little more responsibility and love for the area. It will be really hard for the members to see Hermana Morales go but I hope little by little I can gain their trust and help them become even more involved in the work.

That's about all. Here's to a great week and an even more interesting one to come.

Part of me can't believe I've already reached a year but the other part looks back on all that has happened, all the wonderful experiences and lessons learned and I can't believe that it has only been a year. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve a mission and I look forward to the following six months and all that I can continue to learn and those who I can continue to find and help receive the restored gospel.

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for your letters, love, prayers and most of all examples. Have a wonderful week!

Love, your favorite one year old, Hermana Millet

Six months of M&M's.
Happy One Year!
PS. This is a picture of a little baggy of M&M's for each day I have left in the mission from Hermana Carter. This week there are six months left. Therefore, the title of today's email.

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