Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Miracle Week in Bragado!


Wow! What an amazing week. As I mentioned last week, in the last transfer I was feeling a little lacking in...something. Heavenly Father knows our needs, however, and is so merciful. He blessed me with an amazing companion and since the first day she came to Bragado we haven't stopped seeing miracles. From the first lesson we taught together I felt a great spirit with Hermana Peterson and in each lesson afterward I have continued to learn from her teaching. I know I personally, as well as the city of Bragado, needed her to be here.

Introducing Hermana Peterson
Hermana Peterson is from Arkansas. She is 2...1 I think and is awesome. I think I mentioned her in a letter about five months ago when she shared an experience with the HLE about her desire to improve and the miracles she saw. Since that time I have respected her and now I have the opportunity to work with her!

She is studying to be a nurse at BYU, has four brothers and sisters, all of her family is active in the church. I can harmonize when I sing again (HOORAY!). She is always happy and positive and full of the spirit.

She goes home in September (one more transfer after this) so if we stay together after this transfer the chances that I get to stay here in Bragado until December are pretty high (yes I have figured it out) lol.

That's about what I know so far. I'll keep you updated as to how it goes but right now I couldn't be happier.

I can't express how grateful I feel this week for the spirit that I have felt each day since Monday. I began planning our week thinking that I wouldn't be back until Saturday night. From Sunday night until we began working on Monday I was praying fervently that the Lord would bless us as we were worthy. From 6:00 Monday night until 9:30 Tuesday night we taught 10 lessons with a member and 3 others and found 7 new investigators. It was seriously a miracle, but it was just the beginning. Heavenly Father has been preparing our area and we have been seeing the harvest day after day this week.

Some of our greatest miracles have come with David and Cecilia who have my heart right now. Each and every day I am more and more impressed with them and their progress. Tuesday night we taught the plan of salvation and Hermana Morales said goodbye. They were both upset, and especially David. In his closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for sending us both to bring their family the truth. It was one of the most heartfelt prayers I have heard and it was such a needed confirmation to me of his progress. I knew Cecilia was progressing wonderfully but I wasn't sure if David really had a testimony of the restoration. From that moment on, however, I have seen him progress drastically. He finally started reading the Book of Mormon and hasn't stopped. He not only reads but understands and asks questions. He and Cecilia are looking up all they can find about temples, the word of wisdom, fasting etc. on mormon.org and are always looking to strengthen their understanding and testimonies.

David and Cecilia with their wedding papers!

You will probably be sick of hearing about David and Cecilia in a month but they are wonderful.

They have been looking up information about Utah trying to find our house, looking at the cost of hotels and flights and the distance of our house from the city haha. I'm hoping they can come visit us and maybe even get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in a year!

One of the greatest blessings of watching someone really become converted to the gospel is their desire to share. Cecilia had already sent us to her family and this week David gave us the references of his siblings and parents. On Friday we found and taught David's mom and her pareja, Aldo, with Cecilia. They accepted the restoration immediately. The spirit in that lesson was a missionary's dream come true. They agreed to read, pray and come to church without hesitation and were there in the district conference on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Aldo is in the process of a divorce and so it could be years until they are able to be married and baptized. I know they are prepared, however, and my goal is to help them reach a point of conversion that they will be willing to wait, whatever time it takes, to be baptized.

The pictures above are from our district conference this weekend! I love them! It was Pres. Carter's last Sunday. We had it in the firestation and there was a black cat wandering around the whole time lol. The picture with Hermana Peterson and I has Cecilia in the background and the other one with Jazmin (she burnt her face :() has her grandma (David's mom) and her boyfriend (basically husband) in the background. They are awesome!

I couldn't be more grateful for the miracles we are seeing here in Bragado. I know I have a lot more to learn and grow to be worthy and prepared to find more prepared people here but I feel like our work is just getting started here.

We also had a wonderful moment visiting the Rizzo family this week. President Carter helped to reactivate them about a year ago. Their son just left for a mission in Brazil last week. I had never met his parents, however, because his father is dying of cancer right now and they can't come to church. I have wanted to meet them since I've been here and so finally we passed by on Saturday. Hermana Rizzo was so excited because the hermanas hadn't been by in a long time. We talked with Hermana Rizzo for a few minutes and then asked if we could say hello to her husband. He can't talk or move very well but whispered to us in English. We asked if we could sing to him and he told us his favorite hymn is "I know that My Redeemer Lives". We sang for him and the spirit was so incredibly strong. It was just a little tender mercy to feel the spirit in their home and help this sweet family have a moment of peace.

President and Sister Carter with the Rizzo family.
One last miracle for the week, Aldo and Patricia have been investigators since I got here. They have been waiting for papers from Mendoza for years so they can get married. They are pretty much dry members. They finally received the papers and their wedding is this Friday. Aldo had to be interviewed by President Carter for something that occurred in the past but yesterday they both passed their interviews and right now everything is set for their baptism after waiting three years!

I am so happy at the progress we are seeing and the wonderful people we getting to know and help come unto Christ. I know this is the work of the Lord and that there is no greater joy. I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for your love, prayers and support. I pray for you each day and hope for your well being and happiness. I hope you have a great week and see a miracle each day!

Love your favorite miracle lover, Hermana Millet

PS. I almost forgot to tell you! I didn't have to stay in Ramos this week! My companion has a family of five that she was working with in her last area of Moron that is being baptized soon. President was trying to be nice and let her stay for their baptism but it turns out it actually isn't for another week or two...oops haha. So we got back late Wednesday night and worked all week.

This is how the streets looked after the World Cup game.
  I don't know if you can see the flags, but it is pretty great!

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  1. Sister Millet, my name is Janine Creager and my daughter is going to the same mission as your daughter. She enters the MTC on August 13. I have some questions specific to the mission that I would love to talk to you about. If that would be alright, could you email me at jscreager@msn.com. Thanks!