Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First week in Bragado.


My goodness I love you all so much. Guess what I got this week! Two beautiful packages! AH! I was SOO excited! Thank you so much for the letters (handwritten are always extra special) and the leggings, and music, and softlips, and cute little doodads. You are the bestest. I also got a sweet letter from Henry Moore, one of my kindergarteners, who is getting baptized in December! What the heck! My cute little students are giant now! I'm going to try to write him back this week.

Campo.  Campo means field but it is what they call
 Chivilcoy because it is so far away.  Lujan was also campo
 because we had so many fields, dirt streets, etc.
  Basically it is kind of like rural.

My bed in Bragado.

Our beautiful kitchen!

Our study area.

So this is the bus terminal at 2:30 in the morning.
 The dogs basically just chill in whatever
 building they want here.  LOL
 Also, I have something funny to tell you. Guess where my zone leader is from. Just guess. I'll give you a hint. I once wrote a poem with this town in it because it was the only one that rhymed with my name lol. Yeah, crazy right! Good old Henefer. He was so impressed when I knew the town. You can go visit his family when you are at East Canyon. And Elder Streadbeck my old zone leader is from Morgan. Small world.

I am loving my time here in Bragado so far getting to know the members, investigators and the zone. My mind has been really focused these past few days on how I can be more worthy to receive revelation for my zone. We are really struggling right now and I feel a great desire to help us improve as a team.

I know the first step is to set an example ourselves. We are working on this, but still have a lot to improve upon as a companionship as well. We had a few small incidents with disobedience with our schedule that I know needs to change this week. I am also trying to adapt some of my thinking to the experience Hermana Morales has here in campo. I am slowly trying to help us use the members more effectively to have lessons with fechas and not just with part member families that aren't coming to church, be a little more detailed and bold in making sure our investigators have firm commitments to come to church etc. I believe these small changes can make a great different in our work here.

Guess who I had divisions with?  Hermana Alley!! :)
This week I had the opportunity to go to 25 de Mayo for divisions with Hermana Alley. To be completely honest I feel like I should have done more to help her and teach her, however, I am grateful for the lessons we were able to learn together. I talked a lot with her, and tried to show her, about setting baptismal dates. Many of her investigators had 3-5 lessons and still didn't have a fecha or weren't setting dates to get married. Hermana Alley has a great desire to fulfill her purpose and has a fear of dropping her investigators before she has given them the complete opportunity to accept the gospel. Together we tried to figure out what is best for each person and for our sacred time as missionaries. I know as we follow the spirit in each lesson we will be guided to know who needs a little more time and can and will progress and when we should focus on finding new chosen investigators.
Who wants to go swimming?  25 de Mayo is pretty small.
Their church is in a house.  And...are you ready for it?
This is their baptismal font!  It's a little swimming pool out back.
And NO, they don't have hot water right now.
It is times like these that I am glad I am a hermana and not an elder.
We also had an experience this week with another Hermana. She and her companion called us Saturday afternoon because she had told her companion that she wanted to go home. We counseled with her, shared a few personal experiences and instructed her to direct her fast with the purpose of knowing and accepting Heavenly Father's will in regard to her mission and then to work with all her effort over the weekend to focus on her investigators. Last night when we called her she told us how much better she was doing. She thanked us for our advice and told us she knows that it was Satan that was trying to influence her to leave her sacred calling. I am so grateful for these opportunities to witness the spirit in the lives of the hermanas. I know we were directed with the words she needed to hear and that the power of fasting is real. She is a wonderful missionary and I am so grateful to see her progress.

The best story of our week is a couple, Cecilia and David. They are both about my age and have a little girl that is 4. They are so cute and just have a special light about them. Unfortunately, they are juntado (not married). We have taught them a few times these past two weeks and they are progressing wonderfully. We had an awesome lesson with them on Wednesday night where we taught the restoration. The spirit was super strong and they just got it! They are reading and praying together and love all of our lessons. They didn't come to church for the first two weeks and we were about to give up on them but they promised this week they would come. On our way to church we saw them walking (it's quite a long way) all together! We were so excited! They loved church and we are hoping they can set a date to get married in the next week or two. Cecilia really wants to but David doesn't understand the rush. He thinks I am only there to get them married. He is praying about it right now. That is a really lame way to tell the story but I am just so excited for them. They are wonderful and I know they will be baptized eventually.

That's about it for the week. President is coming to Bragado tonight and we are having dinner with him and President Alldridge. We are getting ready to get the cane dropped on us lol. We have more divisions this week and are partly in charge of our zone meeting tomorrow, which President will be in, oh joy. So it's a time of a lot of stress but also a lot of joy.

I love you all with all my heart. I am so grateful to claim you as my family. Thank you for all you do for me!

Love, your favorite marriage advocate, Hermana Millet

P.S. for Kat and Eric.  I told Jen you got engaged Sunday and this is her response:  "AHHHH! Enserio! Oh my gosh! That is awesome! Tell her she needs to write me and tell me the story! AHHH! YAY!"

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