Monday, March 31, 2014

Ulises baptism!


Hermana Castellanos and Hermana Millet
Hermana Castellanos and I have been talking for days about how we are going to start this letter. I'll spare you some of the details but this was one of the craziest, most stressful weeks of my mission life (and probably real life).

Lovely adventures on a Sunday morning!

This week has been one of the more difficult in my time here in Argentina but I am so grateful for the learning opportunity it has been. We have had so many unexpected experiences all of which helped us to be prepared to really learn from zone conference which we had on Thursday about teaching and helping our investigators to progress.

We have had a wonderful month of success but I am disappointed that our weekly success with indicators and families that we thought were progressing didn't result in the baptisms we were working so hard to achieve. I learned a lot about our teaching methods in watching the video about how we have fallen into a pattern of not focusing on our investigators needs and really helping their personal progression. We were teaching lessons that we thought were to their needs but weren't really what they needed at that time. We talked about baptismal dates but they weren't really the dates of our investigators. It is so easy to think we are accomplishing things with our families as they come to church and learn the lessons when in reality their testimonies aren't growing the way they should be.

The Fernandez family boys.  Gabriel 16, Thomas 12, Alexis 10, Ulises 9 and Benjamin 5
 The story with the Fernandez Family: We have been working soo hard with them over this past month. We have been praying and fasting and putting forth all of our faith to help them reach the goal of baptism together as a family. On Wednesday they were all interviewed, although they weren't all completely ready. Dionisio needs to completely give up cigarettes, Gabriela thinks she needs more time to prepare and doesn't have a strong testimony of the restoration, Gabriel still doesn't have a great desire to be baptized, and Thomas and Alexis for some reason aren't yet sure they want to be baptized either. Ulises, however, is a capo. He is the second youngest (9 years old) and was completely firm in his decision to be baptized. Even when everyone else wanted to wait, even when his mom asked him if he was sure about 1,000 times he said "Yes I want to be baptized". We wanted to baptize the whole family together but when they weren't ready we couldn't deny Ulises the opportunity he was so excited about.

Ulises and I
The baptism ended up being super crazy. We planned it on Friday night because we had district conference this weekend. We, however, had to go to Ramos Thursday and Friday all day so we didn't have a lot of time to prepare everything and we still weren't sure if Gabriela might decide to join him or not. Friday during the leadership meeting Gabriela sent a text telling us Ulises didn't want to get baptized. We talked to him on the phone as we waited for the train, however, and found out it was just because his dad had to work that night and couldn't be there so we changed the date to Sunday after our district conference.

Ulises Baptism

President Peralta was supposed to baptize Ulises but in the meeting we found out that he was called to be in the new district presidency and had setting apart meetings etc. afterward.  The Fernandez family and some of our investigators were waiting, however, so we started and luckily Hermano Merlo saved our lives and directed the service and baptized Ulises. The member who filled the font also accidently didn't turn of the cold water so the font was freezing and overflowing into the bathroom. Anyway, it was a little bit of a disaster, but we were still able to feel the spirit and Ulises was so excited afterward. The water was up to his neck (he's so tiny) and freezing but when his brothers asked him if he was cold or scared he was all, "no of course not". We are going to work super hard with the Fernandez Family this month and improve our methods of teaching and verifying their progress so they can really reach their goal of going to the temple.

The Fernandez family invited us to have asado Sunday night.  Delicious!!
I am so grateful for the month ahead and the opportunity to build upon what we accomplished this month as a companionship to see more families truly coming unto Christ. We have a few other families that have plans to get married and then, if we put into practice what we learned in zone conference, we will see them be baptized in May. We want to continue focusing on the Fernandez Family to help them develop stronger testimonies of the restoration and of the importance of the priesthood as well as help Dionisio truly repent.

Yesterday, I looked back on some goals that Hermana Castellanos and I set for this transfer. I was so pleased to see that we have accomplished or are working on almost every single one of these goals. We have so much to improve upon but have accomplished some great work this transfer.

Transfers are next Wednesday and We find out next Tuesday what they will be. I wish I could show you the videos we take! One day...

Hermana Castellanos begged President with puppy dog eyes to stay together and at first he said no but then he said he was talk to 'Him' and pointed up. So keep praying lol!
Our perros.  We sleep with them every night and they are best friends.
This week with our district conference it was a great time for me to reflect upon my personal progress as a servant of the Lord and the changes I have seen in my area. I now understand the language (most of the time) I understand my purpose more fully, I better understand my companion, I have a greater vision for the mission, our zone and our hermanas etc. I am so grateful for all I have learned here and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me this transfer. I love Lujan and Hermana Castellanos and I would love to stay here and work with her for another transfer but I am willing to do what the Lord needs.

I love you all so much! I miss you like crazy but I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with the people here about the blessings and happiness our family has. Thank you for your love and support! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Millet

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Familia:

This week has been pretty interesting, full of disappointments and sadness but also a lot of miracles, growth and spiritual experiences. I am so grateful for it all.

We had an awesome lunch this week!  Asado (basically smoked barbeque) esaladas y helado!

I had exchanges with Hermana Bangerter!  I forgot to take a picture until we were already makeup free and ready for bed, but we had to snap one.  It was an awesome day to catch up with her.  It really is so easy to relate to someone else from the states, and from Utah.  We talked a ton in English and were able to review some of the things she has learned (she goes home in August) and that I have learned (it was my 9 month anniversary).  We had a lot of success and a lot of fun together.  And, it was the 1st day of fall and FREEZING.   Luckily she has amazing winter clothes that I'm going to beg for when she leaves because they will be so nice in winter lol!

On Saturday we had planned the baptism of Oscar. He has been doing wonderful ever since his first Sunday in church when we met him. Each day he told us how excited he was for his baptism. On Friday we weren't able to contact him in person and on Saturday we finally found him about an hour before his baptism. The only thing he kept repeating was that he was grateful for all we had done but that he wasn't going to be baptized and that he is going to continue with the Catholic Church. He told us he went to the basillica and the Virgin of Lujan told him that he should not be baptized. (Have I told you how much we love the Virgin of Lujan-NOT!) In talking with President Peralta we all think one of his children talked him out of it or something else happened.

 We tried everything we could think of for the next hour and a half to change his mind. We sang, we prayed, we testified, we shared scriptures, we used boldness, we used love. Nothing entered his heart. I know without a doubt he felt the spirit but his heart was hard as a rock and he refused to let the spirit enter. As we left we gave one last testimony and the tears began to flow. For the next hour as we called members to cancel the baptism and talked about what had happened we were overcome with sadness and disappointment.

After eating a piece of his baptism cake (because what is better to do than eat cake when you're sad?) and talking about what we could have done differently, we felt peace and chose to continue with faith. There is always something we can do to improve, but I really feel as though we did everything for him. We are going to give him a few days to think and then we are going to talk to him again because I know he was changed, I know he was prepared and I know he can still be baptized this weekend. When I think I have learned faith Heavenly Father always seems to give me another lesson in how to grow more. I am praying for him every day that he will remember his testimony and let the spirit change him and we are going to do all we can so that he can enter the waters of baptism this month.

After this emotion-filled afternoon we went to the Fernandez Family for our lesson with them. Dionisio (who lives around the corner and next door to Pascual and therefore observed some of what happened that day) began by telling us that he feels great love for us but that they want us to be friends with their family and basically that they do not want to continue with the church. We almost fell apart but continued teaching and what followed was one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission.

We began by resolving some of their concerns about tithing which led to a deep conversation about faith. Only Dionisio and Gabriela were with us which allowed us to talk without distractions about the future of their family. We told them that they are going to be baptized, that we are exercising every bit of faith to help them and that they need to exercise the same faith to overcome their concerns and doubts and make the necessary changes in their lives so they can be a forever family. As we reverted back to the goal of the temple Gabriela began to cry and Dionisio softened. He was more open than he has been in any other lesson to the idea that they are going to make this step as a family. We talked about our goal to be with them in the temple in a year as they are sealed for all time and eternity. (Yeah that's right if they get baptized I'm coming back in a year. Anyone who wants to come with me, start saving your money now!) They still have concerns and doubts but I know with all my heart that if we are completely diligent and listen to the spirit this week they will be baptized as a family this Friday.

Every single investigator has concerns and difficulties and as I tell our leaders each time they ask, no one is sure until they are in the font, but I am developing my faith that as I do my part I can be calm and feel peace that Heavenly Father will help them to change their hearts and work miracles in their lives.

A few random notes:

How are you all pronouncing Lujan? I hope not Lou John because that would make me cry. The other day I realized you might not even know the name of my home. It's Lou Han in case you were wondering. :)

After seeing what hospitals and medical care is like when the government controls it I am even more worried for America.

The schools here were supposed to start like three weeks ago but they are arguing about payroll or something in the government and so the families still have no idea if their kids are going to start school each day. Isn't Argentina fun?

Also, I would sooo appreciate prayers for the Fernandez Family and Oscar. They have so much work to do this week to be baptized Friday and we really want to baptize all 7 of them this month. (Gabriela, Dionisio, Gabriel, Thomas, Alexis, Ulises, and Benjamin).

Thank you all sooo much for everything. I love you more than words can say! I am praying for you every day!


Hermana Millet

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guess what time we woke up again today? YAY! 3:45! This last week it was a test of our health, but today I think I'm doing a little better. We got to go to capital today for my paperwork for my VISA. I am now officially almost legal! Can I just tell you Capital is beautiful! I LOVE Lujan and my area but it is extremely different than the states. Capital actually looked like a city and it wasn't full of trash and oh my goodness it was lovely. I also saw the ocean! YAY! In my mission I have seen the Atlantic and the Pacific. I also caught a glimpse of the street on my blog with the cool tower thing. While waiting in line for six hours we talked with a returned missionary from California that is here to study. He served in the Neuquén mission with Daren. His name is Elder Gonzales.

First of all, I want to let you all know how much I love the mission and how much fun I am having! I am afraid I don't always let that show in my letters. Email time is almost as much for me as it is for you, as it gives me a time to reflect on the week and therefore, time to review what I can do better. Hermana Castellanos and I are having so much success and so much joy right now at this time in our mission and I am convinced a large part of this happiness and success is as a result of our desire to constantly improve. I know that the Lord has blessed us with miracles due to our hard work and search to be better. He always expects more of us than we think we can give and when we push ourselves to be what He knows we can be that is when He gives us miracles which we are experiencing right now. Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement and love. I am so grateful for cheerleaders like you. Rest assured I am happier than I have ever been in the mission. :)

This week our focus has really been on our upcoming fechas for the month.

Oscar (the friend of Pascual) is as ready as ever for his baptism this week. He is so sweet and loves to learn more about the gospel. He is participating in the lessons at church and changing his habits to become more converted. The other day he had a bad day and after our lesson we told him to pray, that night he called us to tell us he had and that he felt much better. We are so excited to see him grow and progress and find happiness in the gospel.

Alicia is also doing well. She has a lot of health problems and can't seem to remember her fecha for the life of her but whenever we remind her she talks about how excited she is. To be completely honest, she will not be the most prepared baptismal candidate who remembers every principle and lesson but she has a desire to be baptized and come closer to Christ and for me that is enough.

Some of our greatest joys this week have come from working with the Fernandez Family. Every time we talk to them I am filled with more love than I know what to do with.  I wish I could express to you how wonderful they are. Their process of conversion and repentance has not come in a grand miracle but it has come slowly in every lesson and every small decision they make to read the Book of Mormon, pray and attend church. Gabriela, who couldn't stop talking about her capillita and family traditions in the first lesson is now asking us how to deal with her family as she tells them about her decision. She saved facturas (kind of like pastry doughnut things) for our lesson on Sunday and their whole family is sacrificing their Sunday morning to come to church. Dionisio who told us he would listen to us but wasn't religious now knows in his heart that he will be baptized and has desires to receive the priesthood. He wants to invite us over to have asado and tells us how he never let anyone into his house to talk about religion until us. Each one of their boys came to church in white shirts this week and are praying about baptism. Their faces light up with smiles when they see us and ALWAYS shake our hands and call us hermanas (they are more well-behaved than pretty much every family in the church). Each morning and night we pray for miracles with this family and we are seeing them every day. I know there are many reasons that Hermana Castellanos and I have had the privilege of working together again this transfer but I am sure one of them was to find this family and see them be baptized together. It is going to take work on our part and theirs to see them until their baptism but I KNOW they will be baptized as a family.

We are talking with Juana right now about whether she should marry Miguel or not. She as her papers and is in the process of preparing for her marriage on the 4th but we are worried that she is only getting married to get baptized. Really, Miguel probably is not going to change. She is praying like crazy but he is still drinking a ton and is jealous and protective (he won't let her leave the house without him and locks her inside at night so she can't leave). We hate to tell her to leave after we've talked so much about the family with them hoping that he will change but we also hate to lock her into a dangerous situation without a light at the end of the tunnel. We are really encouraging her to pray seriously about her decision and be willing to leave if that is what the Lord tells her is best. The members are awesome and are willing to help. We will see what happens.

This week we were extremely protected by the Lord in some very obvious ways. On Thursday it rained ALL day long. We had plans to travel to Open Door (about 1/2 hour away in bus). Our only appointment told us she couldn't make it the night before and the member who was going to feed us lunch there called about an hour before we were supposed to leave and cancelled. We were a little disappointed and decided to change our plans. We were so excited to hopefully find more people there and weren't sure why our plans were falling through. Well, come to find out the colectivos that day stopped after midday and had we gone to Open Door we would have been stranded there for the night. Miracle.

We ended up going to another area that we hadn't yet been to that is a little bit farther away as well. Even though it was raining and no one was outside we ended up finding a less active member and her non-member mom as well as four more new investigators. Miracle.

That night we went to Ameghino to teach a lesson in the home of the Alvarez Family. As we were standing outside we heard gunshots just a block away (like we could look down the street about five houses and see everything) and then a bunch of people yelling and cars screeching. It was basically like we were in the middle of an action movie. These members told us that this is normal in their neighborhood, like right where we were standing it happens all the time! Well, we entered their house and taught the lesson and then had to leave to walk home. We had to walk past where all the action was about an hour before and it was super dark. Right as we were about to leave it started to rain a whole lot harder with lots of wind. We realized, however, as we began walking what a miracle this was. With the storm going on no one was outside to bother us as we walked home in peace. Miracle.
P.S. Don't worry, we don't have plans to go back to that neighborhood at night.

I have a special request this week. I would greatly appreciate your added prayers for our fechas for this month, especially the Fernandez Family. Dionioso needs to pray and quit smoking and Gabriel (his son 16) also needs to keep the word of wisdom and pray about baptism. Thank you so much! I know with added prayers and faith we are going to see more miracles with them!

I love you all soo much family. Thank you for all of your prayers and love and support. I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences I am having and for the opportunity to serve a mission. I love you!

Hermana Millet

Monday, March 10, 2014


Guess what time I got up this morning? 3:45! Hooray for the mission in Argentina! On the bright side, I am almost legal here in Argentina. I had to go to Ramos today and visit a bunch of different buildings to fill out paperwork for my VISA. Luckily we are now back in Lujan, after eating lunch in McDonald's (It was heavenly. Have I told you how much I miss American food?) and we might have a tiny bit of time to nap before we start work again.

Giselle and Lourdes Magnou were baptized on Saturday!  Aren't they adorable! They are one of our favorite families here.  They are kind of like our little investigators, as we taught them all the lessons in preparation for their baptism.  It's so beautiful to see a family like theirs all thanks to two elders who baptized their mom about 6 years ago.  A year ago her husband was then baptized and now her two daughters.  They were sealed in the temple about a month ago and are now one of the strongest families in the ward.  I love miracles!
News for the week:

Bruno was finally confirmed! Hooray! He was baptized two weeks ago but after complications with President and his mom etc. etc. we weren't able to have his confirmation until yesterday, but he is now official!

We had 10 people in sacrament meeting! You all probably have no idea, but this is HUGE! We have not had more than about 3 or 4 at any given week and this week we finally did it! We had planned about 18 seguros (people that told us they would for sure be there Sunday). As always about half of what we hope for actually make it, but this was a miracle.

Juana is getting married April 1st and baptized sometime during conference weekend! FINALLY! We are sooo excited for her.

Ivana, our awesome neighbor, is struggling a little. We talked with her husband the other day (not pressuring him to listen, mostly getting to know him and asking if he is okay if we continue to talk with Ivana) and we thought it was awesome. Come to find out, after we left he got super upset. We are not allowed to contact her at this point and have to wait to hear from her because she will not go to church or talk to us if her husband is home. She is still awesome and I still have faith she will be baptized but we have to give her a little time.

Oscar, the friend of Pascual who came to church last week is still doing great. He was crying in the last lesson again because he just feels so content. Can you say aww?

In searching for Oscar one day we found his neighbor and began teaching her. They both came to church on Sunday and she is getting baptized the week after! Hooray! They are both super sweet and old and lonely and want to talk to us like every day.

The Fernandez Family. Did I tell you about them? Married! Four sons that can be baptized! And...ready for it...ready...they ALL came to church Sunday! They were all dressed up nice and the most well behaved kids in sacrament meeting. We have a super important lesson with them tonight in which we will hear how they felt in church. They still aren't super set on baptism and actually committing to change their lives but they are amazing. Say a little prayer for us tonight that we will have the spirit and help them to realize their need for the gospel. They are amazing.

Open Door. We have this area called Open Door that is about half an hour away in colectivo. We have wanted to go every week but something always comes up and it's a lot of time that could be wasted. On Wednesday night this week we had plans to go Thursday but didn't have a lot of contacts or names of people to visit. We were behind on our indicators for the week and weren't sure if it would be a good use of our time. We decided to go in faith, knowing that there are people prepared waiting to hear from us.

Well, Thursday afternoon (after a few bumps in the road) we made it to Open Door. We arrived at a street to contact one of the few references we had just in time to talk to a woman walking in the street named Delia. We ended up walking with her to her house around the corner, teaching her and committing her to be baptized. It was absolutely a miracle. She is wonderful and so completely prepared. Stay tuned to hear how it goes with her.

On Wednesday we had a meeting with all the HLE. Unfortunately our numbers, as a group, were the lowest in the mission. Lower than the zone leaders, district leaders, all the elders in the mission and even all the other hermanas. Terrible, especially because we need to be examples. Basically President had to get after us to pick it up. Luckily Hermana Castellanos and I had success the week before and President excluded us from all his comments. He was super great with us and told us to keep up the good work. It was also great to hear all of his words of advice, however, because I know I still have a lot to improve upon.

At the beginning of the meeting he had an hermana (who is not an HLE) tell her story of how she and her companion had been working extremely hard and not seeing success but now their area is booming and they have baptisms almost every week this month.

Here are some of my thoughts that I sent to President regarding this:

Hermana Peterson's story was an inspiration for me. Her humility and diligence to find her weaknesses and be willing to improve upon them is exactly what I needed to hear. Please let her know how much I appreciate her example. It was a great wake up call to me that the Lord expects more of me than sometimes I want to, or think I can give but if I am really here to serve Him I will do all I can to be what he needs me to be.

 I have felt like we have been in the same situation for the past two transfers, fighting to achieve more than 60%. I knew both Hermana Castellanos and I were capable missionaries who wanted to have success but we weren't seeing it. Every week I finished asking what more we could do.

Fast forward to today. After two and a half transfers we finally achieved 100%. The assistants and elders in the offices were offering congratulations and Elder Dos Santos asked what we did different this week. I have been pondering this question for the past 24 hours and the answer is nothing and everything.

We don't have some magical answer: something that we changed and automatically achieved success. The answer is two transfers worth of continual improvement with little changes, being more obedient in staying at lunch for exactly an hour or less, being more diligent in staying in the street to contact until 9:00 even if we can't see someone coming, and finding better ways to teach, verify commitments, and repent of our mistakes. In short, we are striving to gain the trust of the Lord day by day.

I believe one of the reasons the Lord needed us to stay together another transfer was to see the complete process. We have worked and wondered, just like I'm sure many missionaries are wondering right now what they can do. I have learned that it is possible to achieve 100% and I plan on staying at a level of success at or above 80% for the rest of my mission by never being satisfied. I know the Lord expects me to continue to grow and improve each day and I will look for ways to be more worthy of His trust and be an instrument in His hands.

This is Pancho (a little piece of him).  He is our spider friend that comes out at night to say hello to us when we enter our apartment. 
Remember when I introduced you to Pancho, our spider friend, last week?  Well, this picture below is  NOT him.  Our apartment has become a zoo with all sorts of terrible creatures.  I have so far killed two cockroaches, a few crickets and about 1,000 mosquitoes and this monster. Hermana Castellanos killed his twin in the study room.  I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but he was about a foot away from my pillow when we discovered him right before bed.  Needless to say, we're a little creeped out.  Eeew!

Monster spider!
Well that's about all for the week. It was wonderful! Thank you again for all your love and support and prayers. I know the church is true with all my heart. I am so grateful for the conversion process I am having as a missionary and for the growth I am able to see in others!


Hermana Millet

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Unfortunate business first. We found out on the Buenos Aires West mission blog today that they are no longer accepting packages. "We are sorry to say that with new restrictions and fees that are being imposed by the government of Argentina, we are no longer able to accept packages. We have made this decision in conjunction with President Robertson, who will preside over the mission beginning in July and in conjunction with other missions in Argentina. Do not use other methods such as FedEx, DHL or UPS as we will not attempt to retrieve those packages."

My wonderful darling familia,

So as you all know, it turns out God has something important for Hermana Castellanos and I to do together. As far as I know we are about the only companionship to be together for 3 transfers. It's pretty much unheard of. Hermana Castellanos took a video of the phone call and I can't wait to show it to you. Our faces are priceless. They first told Hermana Castellanos that she was staying and I look like I'm about to die (because in my head this means I'm leaving). When they said that I was staying as well, we both starting screaming and jumping up and down. It's hilarious. Our ward is pretty happy as well.

On the colectivo going to transfer meeting.
We had a few problems in our companionship this week as we had a lot of stress. There were also some things that I wanted to improve as we are together again.  Perhaps I didn't express myself in the best way because Hermana Castellanos got pretty upset. I'm learning how to adapt to her style and be more sensitive to her needs. Things are great now, however, and I'm looking forward to being together again.

This week was extremely difficult for us but we were able to learn some wonderful lessons and witness amazing miracles through the hand of the Lord. I am so grateful for his concern for me personally amidst my trails.

This is the Magnou family. They are wonderful.
 They are feeding us 2 or 3 times a week right now.
I have come to really appreciate the power of the atonement and repentance this week personally and for my investigators. On Monday we learned that one of our converts was having problems with the Word of Wisdom. We realized that his problem was greater than we had realized before his baptism and felt that we should have possibly postponed his baptism and helped him to be more firm after his baptism. That night we felt immense guilt that we had not better prepared him to keep his baptismal covenants. We determined with the help of our branch president that we would make him a priority and help him to fully repent and be a worthy priesthood holder. Throughout the week we visited him each day to verify his progress and encourage him to attend church and partake of the sacrament. President Peralta also went with us to help him with the repentance process and give him love and support. Each day I felt that he was a little better and I could feel the spirit with him more and more. On Sunday as he partook of the sacrament I felt a great peace knowing that he is clean once again and can continue to be so as he works to overcome his addiction.

On Sunday morning I was about at the end of my rope. I pretty much wanted to leave Argentina and get a hug from my mommy. We had disappointment once again with investigators in sacrament meeting and after the stress of the week I wasn't sure how I could keep going. When I entered sacrament meeting, however, and participated in the sacrament I prayed for repentance for my mistakes and weaknesses. I also prayed that I could give over my burden and my stress to the Lord so I could continue with strength that day and start a new week. By the end of sacrament meeting nothing had changed in our situation but the weight was lifted. I have appreciated the ordinance of the sacrament in the past but never have I felt such a relief afterward. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go to church every week and be forgiven of my sins. I am also grateful to be an agent of repentance for others and help them to receive of this gift each week as well.

There are so many wonderful miracles to share but I think one of the best is with a man named Oscar. On Sunday we saw a man in Elder's Quorum whom we had said hi to many times on our bikes but had never talked to (terrible I know). We both thought maybe he was already a member. After talking to President, however, we found out he was a friend of Pascual. He is 77 years old, has 33 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild. We sat with them during sacrament meeting and afterward as I talked with him I invited him to be baptized. I have never seen someone more excited for this question in my life. He said of course he wants to be baptized as soon as we can do it. That night we had a lesson with him and Pascual and he just kept telling us how content he feels and so grateful he is to change his life. He was almost in tears by the end of the lesson because he was so happy.

The second half of this miracle is with Pascual. He was baptized in November, about 10 days after our first lesson with him. Since then he has started his family history work, been to the temple, baptized his grandson and last night he was practically teaching the whole lesson to his friend Oscar.

Pascual and Bruno. Pascual was crying when we left his house Tuesday night because he was worried one of us was going to leave.
It is amazing how the weeks that are the hardest are sometimes also filled with the greatest miracles. I know the Lord has something important for Hermana Castellanos and me to do here in Lujan. We still have a lot to improve upon but we know we have people to find and lives to change.

There is so much more to tell you but I'm about out of time. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your love and support. I definitely wouldn't have made it through this week without you. I continue to appreciate your prayers, especially so that we can have success and be examples to our zone and with health (I now have a cold from all the stress and my back is so so). I am continuing to pray for you. I LOVE YOU!

Hermana Millet

PS. I've been terrible at responding to people. Please tell Aunt Nancy, Aunt Kathy and Jason and Bryce hello and I love them and I'm sorry. One day I will find time to respond.

PPS. Tell Grandma I'm sorry about her knee, to feel better and I love her! And thank her for feeding you when you have no kitchen.