Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Unfortunate business first. We found out on the Buenos Aires West mission blog today that they are no longer accepting packages. "We are sorry to say that with new restrictions and fees that are being imposed by the government of Argentina, we are no longer able to accept packages. We have made this decision in conjunction with President Robertson, who will preside over the mission beginning in July and in conjunction with other missions in Argentina. Do not use other methods such as FedEx, DHL or UPS as we will not attempt to retrieve those packages."

My wonderful darling familia,

So as you all know, it turns out God has something important for Hermana Castellanos and I to do together. As far as I know we are about the only companionship to be together for 3 transfers. It's pretty much unheard of. Hermana Castellanos took a video of the phone call and I can't wait to show it to you. Our faces are priceless. They first told Hermana Castellanos that she was staying and I look like I'm about to die (because in my head this means I'm leaving). When they said that I was staying as well, we both starting screaming and jumping up and down. It's hilarious. Our ward is pretty happy as well.

On the colectivo going to transfer meeting.
We had a few problems in our companionship this week as we had a lot of stress. There were also some things that I wanted to improve as we are together again.  Perhaps I didn't express myself in the best way because Hermana Castellanos got pretty upset. I'm learning how to adapt to her style and be more sensitive to her needs. Things are great now, however, and I'm looking forward to being together again.

This week was extremely difficult for us but we were able to learn some wonderful lessons and witness amazing miracles through the hand of the Lord. I am so grateful for his concern for me personally amidst my trails.

This is the Magnou family. They are wonderful.
 They are feeding us 2 or 3 times a week right now.
I have come to really appreciate the power of the atonement and repentance this week personally and for my investigators. On Monday we learned that one of our converts was having problems with the Word of Wisdom. We realized that his problem was greater than we had realized before his baptism and felt that we should have possibly postponed his baptism and helped him to be more firm after his baptism. That night we felt immense guilt that we had not better prepared him to keep his baptismal covenants. We determined with the help of our branch president that we would make him a priority and help him to fully repent and be a worthy priesthood holder. Throughout the week we visited him each day to verify his progress and encourage him to attend church and partake of the sacrament. President Peralta also went with us to help him with the repentance process and give him love and support. Each day I felt that he was a little better and I could feel the spirit with him more and more. On Sunday as he partook of the sacrament I felt a great peace knowing that he is clean once again and can continue to be so as he works to overcome his addiction.

On Sunday morning I was about at the end of my rope. I pretty much wanted to leave Argentina and get a hug from my mommy. We had disappointment once again with investigators in sacrament meeting and after the stress of the week I wasn't sure how I could keep going. When I entered sacrament meeting, however, and participated in the sacrament I prayed for repentance for my mistakes and weaknesses. I also prayed that I could give over my burden and my stress to the Lord so I could continue with strength that day and start a new week. By the end of sacrament meeting nothing had changed in our situation but the weight was lifted. I have appreciated the ordinance of the sacrament in the past but never have I felt such a relief afterward. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go to church every week and be forgiven of my sins. I am also grateful to be an agent of repentance for others and help them to receive of this gift each week as well.

There are so many wonderful miracles to share but I think one of the best is with a man named Oscar. On Sunday we saw a man in Elder's Quorum whom we had said hi to many times on our bikes but had never talked to (terrible I know). We both thought maybe he was already a member. After talking to President, however, we found out he was a friend of Pascual. He is 77 years old, has 33 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild. We sat with them during sacrament meeting and afterward as I talked with him I invited him to be baptized. I have never seen someone more excited for this question in my life. He said of course he wants to be baptized as soon as we can do it. That night we had a lesson with him and Pascual and he just kept telling us how content he feels and so grateful he is to change his life. He was almost in tears by the end of the lesson because he was so happy.

The second half of this miracle is with Pascual. He was baptized in November, about 10 days after our first lesson with him. Since then he has started his family history work, been to the temple, baptized his grandson and last night he was practically teaching the whole lesson to his friend Oscar.

Pascual and Bruno. Pascual was crying when we left his house Tuesday night because he was worried one of us was going to leave.
It is amazing how the weeks that are the hardest are sometimes also filled with the greatest miracles. I know the Lord has something important for Hermana Castellanos and me to do here in Lujan. We still have a lot to improve upon but we know we have people to find and lives to change.

There is so much more to tell you but I'm about out of time. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your love and support. I definitely wouldn't have made it through this week without you. I continue to appreciate your prayers, especially so that we can have success and be examples to our zone and with health (I now have a cold from all the stress and my back is so so). I am continuing to pray for you. I LOVE YOU!

Hermana Millet

PS. I've been terrible at responding to people. Please tell Aunt Nancy, Aunt Kathy and Jason and Bryce hello and I love them and I'm sorry. One day I will find time to respond.

PPS. Tell Grandma I'm sorry about her knee, to feel better and I love her! And thank her for feeding you when you have no kitchen.

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