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Today we had a leadership meeting in Ramos. President basically told us that as leaders we need to set a better example. The mission was way below its potential for baptisms this month and as leaders we weren't a whole lot better, especially as HLE.

Some of the HLE's with our favorite meal:  pizzs and empanadas.  MMMMM!
I know there is a lot that I can and should improve upon to have success as a missionary. We can and should achieve at least the standard of excellence as leaders every month. Each month my goal has been to be an example though my actions, character and especially indicators and baptisms but this month I plan on working more diligently to have progressing investigators. We consistently achieve our 60% by Friday but we are failing to have progressing investigators and fechas: the indicators that matter most. If we teach lessons throughout the week but don't have progressing investigators, what does all of our work matter? We are not accomplishing our purpose to really bring people to Christ. This month I plan to focus on this with whatever companion I have.

The Hermanas of Lujan.
We had divisions with the Hermanas of Lujan 1C this past week. I went to their area to work with Hermana Guillen. She is from Mexico and is finishing her 2nd transfer in the mission. She is wonderful! She is one of the most humble, spiritually powerful missionaries I have met. I went there to help strengthen her but the whole time she was telling me what a great missionary I was and building me up. She is seriously an amazing example for me and I hope someday we can be companions.

Bruno's Baptism with Pascual, his Grandpa.
Bruno with his family.
On Sunday we were able to have the baptism of Bruno (the grandson of Pascual). All week things were a little crazy trying to work with President so he could be confirmed and we could count the baptism for this month.  We were also trying to work with Miriam, his mom, who doesn't like to leave her house to talk to us so we were passing notes like teenagers lol. We tried to work with her to have the baptism on Saturday so that he could be confirmed on Sunday. She wanted it on Sunday and wouldn't budge. It was important for us to have her attend the baptism so we had it after sacrament meeting on Sunday.

The whole gang at the baptism.
It was a great service and some wonderful members stayed after church until after 2:00 (I'm sure they were starving) to show their support. We were even able to have some of the primary children perform a musical number for him. His mom loved the service and was able to talk with President Peralta a little about baptism and the church. Later that night she sat with us in a family home evening as well. She isn't interested in being baptized right now (and is juntado) but as we continue to work with her and show her how the gospel can bless her family I believe she will continue to feel the spirit and have a desire to be baptized.

Ivana, our awesome neighbor, went to church last Sunday and loved it but couldn't talk with us all week. We were getting worried that she would lose her desire to be baptized or continue going to church but on Friday she invited us to have lunch with her Saturday and have a lesson afterwards. The food was delicious and she is as ready as ever for baptism. She practically taught the lesson as she explained how important repentance is and that baptism is the beginning of a new life not just a step to complete. She was also talking about how in the future her husband will accept the gospel. Unfortunately, Sunday morning her two boys got sick and her husband had to work so she couldn't go to church but she is definitely going to get baptized this month and be an amazing member.

Our amazing next door neighbor Ivana and her sons Matias and Bautista.
We also found an awesome family this last week. We first taught Milton (11) in the house of his aunt. She wasn't super receptive but he was super involved in the lesson. We taught the plan of salvation because his sister passed away about 3 months ago. He accepted a baptismal date. Immediately after, we went to his house to get permission from his mom who gave it right away. We then taught her a few days later. She is great as well but isn't ready to make a commitment to go to church or be baptized. We are going to continue working with her, however, and hopefully her other children and they will all eventually be baptized. Milton and his cousin came with us to church on Sunday and liked it. For an 11 year old he is awesome! In sacrament he was asking questions about the bread and water and as he looked through the gospel principles book he started to explain Joseph Smith to his cousin! CAPO!

This is how we pass out Books of Mormon!
On Saturday we went to Lujan 1 to help with a capilla abierta (chapel open house). A missionary couple came with materials to demonstrate and we as hermanas lead short tours (kind of like temple square missionaries) where we talked about Christ, prophets, the restoration, the plan of salvation, families and temples. They then talked about baptism in front of the font with two elders and talked with members about programs of the church. It was actually a lot of fun and I could definitely feel the spirit working in some of the people who came. It was also great practice in teaching simply and powerfully.

For the month of March we have Ivana who is progressing wonderfully and a new family that we are teaching with whom we have set a date with one son and hope to set a date with his mom in the next week. The Lord is blessing us with miracles we just need to put in the diligence to see success. I am a little nervous to find out who my new companion is but I hope to apply all that I have learned with Hermana Castellanos as well as learn from my new companion to have more success here in Lujan.

P-Day activity with our district.
Last P-Day with Hermana Castellanso.
I love you all sooo much! Thank you for your emails and letters and packages, but most of all your thoughts and prayers. I continue to pray for each of you and think about you often. I LOVE YOU!

Love your favorite Lujanite for life,

Hermana Millet

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