Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letter from one of Jen's kindergarten moms.

Look at this adorable email this mom sent me! Mommy, thanks for the blog. You're the best. I wouldn't get any of these letters if it weren't for you.

Hi!  This is Lindsey's mom.  I just wanted to let you know that Lindsey and I have been following your blog as you are on your mission.  She watches and adores you!  She has even started, literally, saving her pennies for her mission.  She turned seven in March and is such a sweet girl.  She has mastered the two-wheeled bike, reading, and she is quite the singer.  She is a light to our family and we are so blessed to have her and her brother here.
I just wanted to share a little bit with you as I am feeling impressed to do so tonight.  Siona (Lindsey's Dad and I) have been together for a while.  We were- what's the word- juntado for a long time and struggling to become pregnant.  We had both grown up members of the church but had fallen so far away.  We had two miscarriages and were feeling despair.  That is when Laua's and Lindsey's biological father (Siona's brother) passed away unexpectedly in Samoa.  We tried for several years to bring the kids here to America and finally the mother said yes.  That is when our life really changed.  We started going back to church, paying tithing, and we got married!  Through miraculous workings of the Lord, we brought the kids over and we were sealed in the temple two years ago this July.   I am a firm believer that the Lord had a plan for our family all along.  I feel deep in my heart that Lindsey, Laua, and Siona and I were a family in the preexistence and that we loved each other so much.  I think the biggest lesson for me is that although I tried to think I was okay being juntado, I was missing out on so many blessings that are possible only with an eternal family.Thank you for setting such a great example for our daughter.  You are a really cool lady.  I hope Lindsey can see you again when you get back. Take care and we'll keep watching and praying for you.  Sincerely, Pam Tafili

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