Monday, October 6, 2014

"I went and I felt it"


What a wonderful weekend of conference! I found the pattern of priesthood authority and receiving personal revelation to follow our leaders quite interesting. I hope you loved it as much as I did! I was so excited to be able to hear some of the talks in Spanish. It was a wonderful addition that helps remind us how worldwide the church is and how God speaks in every language.

This week the greatest progress we have seen is with an investigator named Rafaela and her family. A few weeks ago Hermana Rohm and I visited a less active named Jaqueline. With her I had an amazing personal experience in which I felt the impression that I am here to help her. Since then, we have not been able to teach her again, however, she gave us the reference to visit her aunt who has listened to the hermanas before.

Her aunt, Rafaela is very evangelical but is surprisingly open and always so sweet to us when we go by. We have been visiting about once a week because she has not accepted a baptismal invitation and doesn't quite understand the whole authority, only true church thing and we were not sure if she would progress or just accept our visits. In the process of meeting with her we have also had lessons with her two children Sofia (18) and Daniel (26 mas o menos).

This past week we talked with her son who is not sure if he believes in God. I was pretty bold in telling him how sad his Heavenly Father must be that he is not relying on him and challenged him to read part of the Book of Mormon and pray to know if God is there.

When we went back for our return appointment, we showed Rafaela and her daughter, Sofia, a video about the apostacia. Sofia LOVED it and told us how she has also been searching for a church that meets her list of things that she believes should be part of the church of God. The first thing she said after it ended was, "When are we going to their church, tomorrow?" It was an amazing experience!

With both of these lessons I have seen Rafaela's heart soften. She told us how the words we spoke to her children really touched her and she now has a much greater desire to come to church. She called her inactive niece, Jaqueline, and organized to go to conference together.

Unfortunately, Satan got in the way and they had a family emergency which impeded them all from going this week. However, my faith is not lost. I am so excited to have renewed faith in Rafaela and her family and work with them to help them all find the peace and happiness that the gospel can offer. My love for this family is growing and as my love grows I know they will be able to feel the spirit more and make the commitments necessary.

Random picture that came with no explanation. :)
In other good news, Alfredo came to conference and is ready for his baptism. He is not going to be a convert who understands everything, however, it has been a miracle to watch his progression and see how his mind is opening up more and more. He does feel the spirit and knows that the church is true. Although he cannot explain himself well, the other day when I asked him how he knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true he said, "because I went and I felt it."

I have been trying to help Rafaela understand that the church is true though explaining the Book of Mormon and the restoration, but maybe I just need to follow the simple advice of a stubborn 83 year old Argentine, and let her go and feel it. Maybe that's the answer for all my investigators who need to take that next step in their progression toward Christ.

I love you all soooo much! Thank you for your wonderful support and love.

Sincerely, your favorite general conference lover,

Hermana Millet

P.S. How did you like conference? We were able to watch them all, even the women's meeting. It was great. I LOVED that they talked in Spanish. It was awesome!!!

Also, guess what? Crazy news! President was kidnapped last week. I don't know the details but they robbed him in his car while he was on the phone with his wife so he told her he was about to be robbed and then they kept him hostage for a few hours before dumping him off on the side of the road without his car, phone etc. He is okay but it was in the news. This is the second time he has been robbed since being here.

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