Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Only one month left!

One month from today Jennifer will arrive home!!!  Yay!!

If you would like to hear about her mission experiences and testimony, she will report in church on Sunday, November 30th at 11:00 am at our ward building which is 4505 South 3420 West.  Everyone is welcome.

Dear Family,

First of all, Happy Mother's Day! Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day Argentine style. I thought of you mommy. :)

This week has been one of the most difficult in a long time, but it also had some of the most miracles and direct answers to prayers.

Our teaching pool has been decreasing as of late and we have had a difficult time finding new investigators that will progress and keep receiving our visits. Therefore, this week we didn't end up teaching very many lessons.

I have also been feeling a little overwhelmed trying to work with the members to organize lessons, family home evenings etc. and feeling a little as if I am doing it all by myself as senior companion.

Therefore, I was feeling pretty discouraged. Throughout the week I then talked to various elders, with good intentions, who asked me how our work was going, what we were doing with the members, encouraging us to improve in our lessons etc. All of the stress and feelings of inadequacy build up and I began feeling as though I just couldn't do it all.

The Lord, however, is so merciful and patient with me and my weaknesses and showed me how this work is not mine at all but is His. Amidst all these trials and feelings of failure, he answered so many prayers and worked so many miracles through our weaknesses.

One of these miracles occurred Friday night after I broke down crying from the stress. I wasn't sure what to do with our last bit of time and so Hermana Urbanawiz stopped and said a prayer to ask for direction. A name occurred to me that wasn't in our plans but who lived just a few streets away and we went to find her. I had contacted her various times with Hermana Rohm but had never been able to teach her. In this moment we were able to contact her and enter her home to teach her! She has been passing through many different trials as of late and really needs the gospel. We were able to share a little about how the gospel blesses families and invite her to begin reading the Book of Mormon. It was something very small and simple but a complete direct answer to our prayer that night.

Another small answer to prayer came Sunday morning. Last week, Alfredo was not able to be confirmed after his baptism so I wanted to be sure that he made it to church yesterday to complete his ordinance. Therefore, we went by his house at 8:20 to walk with him to church, which begins at 9:30, however he wasn't home! All I could think to do was pray, so we did, and then I continued to pray the whole way to church. When we walked in the door, there he was sitting in his spot in the middle of the chapel.

I am so incredibly grateful for a Heavenly Father that answers my prayers.

And more...

All week long we have seen great strides of progress in Rafaela and her family. Each individual has been progressing in their own way and their own time. Rafaela is praying to know if this is the truth. Sofia is praying to have more faith. Daniel is PRAYING (a miracle in and of itself). We talked to Jaqueline in person for the first time in weeks.

Sunday it all culminated in a great miracle when they ALL came to church together! Jaqueline and her daughter as well as Rafaela, Sofia and Daniel. They LOVED it. The talks could not have been more divinely planned with exactly what they each needed.

As we walked out of church yesterday, I just couldn't believe how such a huge miracle had taken place after such a difficult week. We had five investigators in church! A first in Ramos in months! All of our plans worked just as we had hoped. Each of our investigators felt the spirit.

I had done nothing to deserve such miracles. How could that have all happened? This is not my work. The Lord really is behind everything. All I have been able to do is offer prayers of gratitude, promise to improve and keep trusting in Him to change the lives of those in Ramos.

I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of the work of salvation and watch the hand of the Lord change my life and the lives of all of his children. I KNOW with all my heart this is His gospel and His church.

Sincerely, your favorite, never want to leave Argentina missionary,

Hermana Millet

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