Monday, September 22, 2014

Grateful for a wise and caring Mission President!

This week I am grateful for a wise mission president.

On Tuesday I was extremely anxious about some decisions I had to make. I then went to district meeting and received pressure from our leaders to baptize Alfredo. I was about at the breaking point. I was praying but not feeling like I was receiving answers. I just knew that I needed to talk to President. On Wednesday I was able to talk to him about everything and since then I have felt such peace and know that the decisions I am making are correct.

He gave me counsel about Alfredo to stay strong with my decision, even if those around me don't agree. He told me "the path of a leader is sometimes solo" but that he supports me 100%. He gave me such peace about doing things for the right motive and not just to achieve a goal. He also helped me to feel peace about my work here in Ramos.

I am just so grateful for the opportunity to have someone I can talk to in the mission (who is more than 20 years old haha) and has such wise advice.

We're Missionaries!

Hermana Rohm

The highlight of my week was a lesson which we had Tuesday afternoon. All transfer we have had a reference named Romina from another investigator, Adriana, that we haven't contacted and Monday night I was questioning Hermana Rohm how we could come in contact with her. She didn't have any answers so we left it at that, but Tuesday afternoon the Lord placed her in our path.

We were able to meet Romina in Adriana's apartment and then she invited us over to her house next door to talk. We taught the restoration and it was one of the best lessons I think I have had in my mission. It felt so incredibly natural and I felt as though I were just explaining it to a friend. She had such great questions because she actually understood! When we shared the first vision we paused for a moment and she just said, "Wow." It was a wonderful lesson and I am excited to continue teaching her.

Less Active Friends
This is Felicia, whom we are helping to learn to walk again.

Paola and Amir, a couple of my favorites

We painted a patio.
Our other great moment of the week was our activity in the plaza. We have been planning for weeks to show Mormon messages in one of the plazas.  We had to ask for permission from the city and get official authorization. On Saturday the moment finally arrived! Unfortunately, the people weren't quite as excited as we were and only a few were brave enough to come sit down and watch. There were others, however, who watched from a distance and we were able to make a lot of contacts and receive some references. It may not be the most effective method for the future but it was a great experience and I hope that at least one heart was touched.

Peliculas en la Plaza
(Movies in the Plaza)
Showing Mormon messages in the Plaza
That's about all this week. We have transfers on Wednesday where ALL of my companions will be going home. Guess what Daddy?  Your wish will probably come true.  President told me in my interview I will probably be training. There are 7 hermanas from the states and 3 from Chile that are coming. I don't know if I will get a Latin or an American, but I'm super excited to receive my new companion and attack Ramos.

I love you soooo much!


Hermana Millet


Hermana Rohm found a way to get us an asado her last
Saturday AND Sunday.

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