Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Queridas Amigas!


What a week! I wrote in my journal last night that I feel as though it has gone by so slowly but then when I realize today is another p-day I wonder where it went.

I am really grateful for the opportunity I have to train this transfer. Hermana Urbanawiz is amazing! She doesn't believe me or anybody else when they tell her, but her Castellano really is so advanced I can't believe it. She'll be speaking better than I do at the end of her 12 weeks I think. This first week she has done a lot of observing but when I turn to her and ask her to share a testimony or explain a principle she does it despite any fear or doubts she has. She is also doing great at coping with the culture shock, the schedule and the demands of the work without a word of complaint. I have no doubt she will become a wonderful missionary in no time.

My hijita!
  Hermana Urbanawiz is from Georgia (where
the Masters Tournament is).  She is 20 years old
 and Awesome at Spanish!
About a year ago, my trainer in the states sat me down and gave me advice for the day I would train. I remember her saying that as a trainer my first priority will not be myself, the area, or even our investigators, but will be the new missionary with whom I am entrusted to care for. I am learning so much about patience, love and humility as I try to dedicate myself to loving and serving her completely. I am also loving the opportunity to refine my teaching skills as I am charged with being able to teach the whole lesson if needed and being able to practice every day in the 12 week program. I couldn't ask for a better way to end my mission than by returning to the basics and becoming what the Lord would have me be as a missionary.

As I have focused so much on my new companion this week I have also been thinking about my companions of the past. My last four companions went home on Wednesday and my heart was full as I said goodbye to each one and listened to their words of advice in the transfer meeting. I thought about all the moments we shared together and how much I learned from each one so I wanted to share with you a little of how these quedida amigas have changed my mission and shaped the person I am.

Hermana Miller and I shared an extremely stressful and extremely sacred transfer together in Lujan. I think I cried more with her than any other companion. She let me open myself completely to her about all of my doubts and insecurities as a teacher, as a companion and as a missionary and helped me to work through them all to become a confident servant of the Lord. She helped me to become a senior companion through pure love. Every time I see her we still give each other a giant hug and express our love as we really have become hermanas, in the good and the bad. From her I learned how to love my companion.

Hermana Morales taught me what it is to have faith in others. I don't know if I've ever known an hermana who gives so much of herself to her investigators. She was their friend, their teacher, and member of their family to each one of her converts and the members with whom she worked. From her I learned to love my investigators.

Hermana Peterson is my hero. She is one of the most Christ like people I know. She is a virtuous, dignified, courageous and powerful teacher. She knew how to teach in a manner so simple yet so true, which drove the conversion of our investigators to progress and reach baptism as worthy converts who will always stay strong in their faith. I remember the first day being so amazed at the spirit that I felt being with her. That spirit and joy stayed with us the whole transfer. I will forever remember that as the most joyful of my mission in which each day I was filled with happiness. From her I learned how to love the work.

Hermana Rohm is a light. In the past week, since she left, every member and investigator has talked about how she just "has something special". Her animo lifts every person she talks to and changes lives, including mine. She radiated this light to each of the missionaries with whom we worked and really was an inspired leader that changed Ramos Mejia. She was patient in every trial and never showed discouragement. She smiled, laughed, talked and joked constantly and is an example of the believers just by being her. I know she will continue being a missionary every day. From her I learned to love life.

I cried as I thought of each of them leaving, full of love and gratitude for what they have given me. I now have the opportunity to teach my "hija" everything that I have learned from some of the best missionaries the BAW mission has ever seen.

Sincerely your favorite mommy (if you don't understand ask a returned missionary),

Hermana Millet

PS. A few notes about the actual work this week:

1. Alfredo came to church again! He has now come three times on his own! He also said that he prayed and felt better at night and was able to sleep (which he usually can't do because he is crying about the death of his daughter) and that he knows this is the true church because he went and just knows haha. He also asks about Hermana Rohm every day and wants me to tell her that she should't be in the US because they are killing people and there are wars and she are going to die haha. If he keeps progressing like this I feel confident he will be ready for baptism on the 11th!

2. We taught an amazing restoration lesson to a family of FIVE that all accepted a baptismal invite! It was amazing! They were all crying and said they were so grateful for us for coming. The youngest, Kiara (11) as she gave me a hug to leave said, "please come back again".  We will now see if we can find them again, as our pattern lately seems to consist of amazing lessons with people who then fall off the face of the earth but I have FAITH!

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