Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking Forward

Less than a week people. I had a slight nervous break down yesterday...nbd. Everyone expects asks if I'm excited at this point, and I am. I totally am. But I'm also, maybe even a little more so, completely terrified. It's such a surreal, abstract concept to think about going to a place I've never seen, to do something I've never done, with people I've never met. So to counteract the nervousness I wanted to find and share a few awesome things about Buenos Aires that I'm totally stoked for. There are six attractions for each of the six days I have left before I leave.

1. Going here:
Isn't it pretty?! This is the Buenos Aires temple which I'm pretty sure is in my area. I'm hoping I get to go at least once on my mission.

2. Petting lions and tigers like this:
Thanks to my good friend Eric Schwaar for letting me raid his Facebook to find this awesome picture. The rational, logical side of me says this is stupid and I could die or have my arm ripped off (I have a 2nd cousin or some other sort of distant relative whose arm actually was torn off by a wild cat at a zoo on his mission) but the once in a lifetime, adventurous side of me says do it and tell the Grandparents about it later never. 

3. Living in this city: 
Isn't it beautiful! And HUGE! I can't wait to live somewhere new, especially a somewhere new that looks like this!

4. Seeing artwork on the street like this: 
Apparently Argentina has a pretty welcoming attitude toward graffiti so lots of famous artists come to display their talent. Isn't it awesome!? Maybe I'll come home and decide to become a graffiti artist.

5. Meeting these two:
I've been following my mission blog: You should check it out. Sister Hermana Carter sounds awesome! I can't wait to meet her! I can only imagine how awesome Presidente Carter must be too. 

6. La Boca:
I'm not quite sure what this place is...ask me in 18 months. I hear it's pretty awesome though and it's super colorful and full of culture. 

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