Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Challenges of the big city.

Hola familia! Como están! Espero que han tenido un buen semana!

This week we were hit with a freak heat wave! It just reminded me how much I am NOT looking forward to summer here. I have heard that last winter in Buenos Aires was horrible but this winter has been wonderful. It's cold but with leggings and a coat it is definitely preferable to the heat of an Argentine summer. Anyway, usually when it is hot and humid you know a storm is coming so we were waiting and waiting all week. And when did it choose to come? Sunday morning of course! Luckily we were able to get to stake conference okay but with Argentines even if it's not raining, if it looks grey and stormy they won't leave their house. Now it's back to winter and I couldn't be happier! I'm back in my giant marshmallow coat being blown around by the wind.

This transfer so far has been one of learning. As I look back on the day each night I am not necessarily filled with memories of the many lessons that we taught or grand spiritual experiences each day, however, I am freshly instructed by the Lord.

When I first arrived in Ramos I pridefully thought that I could be the change in Ramos; that the area is not the problem and I just need to figure out how to work here and the success would come. The Lord has humbled me. Although I still believe there is a way to find success here, I am learning that maybe the Lord does not have many baptisms and converts planned for me in this area. I might not find 10 new investigators each week or have a baptism every month, but I can still make a difference in my life and the lives of the people here.

This week I have been contemplating the life of Christ. I have been reading the New Testament in my personal study and it is amazing to see how much rejection Christ and his apostles received in preaching the gospel. When Elder Holland came to speak to us last November he explained that the journey wasn't easy for Christ and therefore we cannot expect it to be easy for us. Back then I thought mainly in the terms of the atonement and his physical sacrifice, however, this past week I have been thinking a lot about how difficult his years of ministry must have been as well. He was literally the Son of God and whole cities rejected his words and miracles. As his representative I too must experience this rejection as well. I can be 100% obedient and diligent and improve my faith, humility, etc. but these things will not gurantee that I will have success.

Therefore, if rejection is what the Lord has planned for me here I better make use of the time I have in other ways. In every moment, every contact, I have to share my testimony and fight for the salvation of that soul. In every lesson I need to give my all, improve my use of the scriptures and inspired questions to teach in the way the Savior would have me teach. With each member that we visit I need to give more love and concern and help them feel the joy of the work of salvation. In my companionship I need to learn from, love and serve Hermana Rohm and do all I can to make the last month of her mission sacred.

I still plan on fighting with all I have to find God's children whom I can help to be baptized but I want to enjoy each moment that I am given to share the gospel, in whatever form it comes.

I love you all soooo much and am so grateful for your prayers and support. I hope you have a wonderful first week of school!

Love your favorite winter lover,

Hermana Millet

PS. A few little side notes:

One of our greatest joys this past week has been working with an inactive woman named Felisa Underwood. She had surgery about a year ago on her hip and still can't walk. She's fallen twice and so she has a lot of fear. We go a few times a week to help her practice and share the gospel. We have also been able to teach her two granddaughters. It's just a tiny little act of service but it's so great to see what a blessing it has been in her life. She has told all of her family members and friends that we are coming by and many of them have thanked us for helping. She and her granddaughters speak English so we get to talk in English and enjoy all the great little phrases she says like, "That's enough baby". She's hilarious.

On Saturday we contacted a few families in the park and they were super nice! We're stoked to go visit them and start a little tradition of contacting in the park each Saturday to find more families. :)

Hey also, I now have a HUGE craving for Cafe Rio thanks to your last letter. We're also going on a fun food adventure today to...wait for it...SUBWAY! I hear they even have chocolate chip cookies. I might just die of happiness.

Guess what we have in our apartment! A washer!!! We're the only ones in the mission! It's about the best thing in the world. I will never ever complain about doing laundry again when I get home.

Editor's note:  I received this message from a sister in Bragado, the area Hermana Millet just left.  "I found these pictures in the Facebook account of the Ramos Mejia ward (where Jen is now).  The Relief Society second counselor of Ramos Mejia is the Bragado Relief Society president's daughter...how small the world is, huh?  So, I was looking at the pictures and I found these.  They had an activity about 1940.  They sang typical songs and wore typical clothes...that's why Hermana Millet and her companion are wearing those little hats.  I hope you enjoy them."  Below are the pictures she sent me.

Ramos 1940 Relief Society Party.

Nice hats

More Hats.  Looks like fun!

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