Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Millet and Miller...Is that with a "T" or an "R"?


This week we had some wonderful miracles. The first began with a man named Mario. On Monday morning during studies we made a goal to do better contacts in an effort to find more new investigators. That night, on the way to our appointment we stopped to make a contact and ended up teaching Mario. He is from Columbia and talked to the Elders in Ecuador a few years ago. We had a wonderful lesson with him and walked away wondering if he really is as awesome and prepared as he seemed. Due to transfers and other changes this week we ended up not being able to meet with Mario again during the week. On Saturday night, however, we called him to confirm his plans for church. He told us he was planning on it but we weren't sure if he would actually come. On Sunday morning, however, there he was on time, participating in all of the classes. That night we met with him again and were able to set a fecha bautismal. His biggest setback right now is that he wants to be completely prepared and worthy for baptism (if you can even call that a setback). He has such a desire to be prepared and completely understands the importance of baptism. I was so impressed with his strong desire to learn and change his life. It was such a testimony for me that when we set goals and really work to accomplish them the Lord will bless us with people that are prepared.

The Lujan Hermanas before transfers.  Every companionship had a change.
We had transfers this past week.  I am still in Lujan, but with a new companion Hermana Miller.  Creepy? Maybe...but her first name is Jenna. Hermana Miller is from St. George. As you can tell she is absolutely gorgeous. She has been out for almost 13 months. She has been in Chivilcoy for 9 months and served in the Oregon Visitor's Center for one transfer before coming here. She is an awesome missionary and had a ton of success in Chivilcoy. As always with transfers, it has been a little bit of an adjustment with Hermana Miller. We are trying to blend our personalities and teaching styles but already we are having success together and I know we will continue to grow in love and unity. She is such a wonderful missionary and I am excited to learn from her. I know she has a lot to teach me. I am super happy to stay in Lujan and to be with Hermana Miller. (I want to stay here one more transfer and then go to Chivilcoy until the end of my mission, I don't really want to go to the city).

Our last goodbye.  We are basically bawling!

Hermana Miller with Jen
Our fechas for this month are progressing well, especially Marcelo and his children. They are reading and praying and each time Marcelo tells us how he is changing little by little. We are working on finding and preparing those for May as well so that we can continue to bring worthy converts to the waters of baptism in our area.

JUANA GOT BAPTIZED! It was absolutely beautiful. She is so incredibly prepared and so ready to be a member. She is such an example for her family and she has the faith that they will see her example and begin to change. Hermana Castellanos was able to come to see her baptism and we were able to all be together one last time. It was a great day!

Juana's Baptism
I didn't write about the Fernandez Family because we haven't been able to meet with them much. I am super worried we are losing them. Especially because Hermana Miller doesn't have the relationship with them. We'll see what happens.

In other news, it has been freeezing! and I'm super excited for winter. NOT! It was super hard on bikes these past few days because it was so windy and cold. I might end up wearing the same clothes over and over again to stay warm lol. Also, yes there were floods from the Lujan river but I don't live close so we didn't have any problems. Also, we heard about the national strike thing (kind of) on Thursday but we didn't have any problems. We actually didn't have to stay in the pench all day because luckily our area is pretty tranquillo. After planning we went out and worked like normal. Our zone leaders told us it was fine and we had no problems. Our bikes were stolen yesterday. :( We locked them up near our apartment (which we have done countless times before) for the afternoon so we could walk and do some contacts. When we came back a few hours later the lock was cut and the bikes were gone. :( Hopefully we can get some new ones soon or begin walking again.

This week was relatively uneventful other than that. The members were all sad to see Hermana Castellanos go (I'm pretty sure she was their favorite haha but have been super open to Hermana Miller. And yes, the name thing is going to be super fun this transfer. Practically every person we talk to does a double take and can't really pronounce the difference. It's great.)

That's about all. I LOVE YOU! I hope you have a wonderful week. I know this is the true church and Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. He loves us so much and is just waiting to bless us as we follow his plan and are obedient.


Love your favorite MilleT, Hermana Millet

P.S. Tell Kat hi for me!

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