Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! or Felices Pascuas!


How was your Easter? I hope you had a wonderful day! We had our lovely delivered lunch of rice with a spoonful of mayo lol. Luckily we had half a pizza and two old milanesas and some onion and hot dogs that we added to the rice to make a semi decent meal lol. Let me just say I'm excited for Easter dinner next year lol. The most important part, however, was that we were able to think about the Savior and help some of our investigators come to church.

Hermana Miller and Hermana Millet on Easter

This week has been kind of a blur but full of tiny little wonderful miracles. Hermana Miller and I are still adjusting to each other and I am really trying to improve my teaching. We have some wonderful investigators that are progressing. I'll just share a few of the stories and highlights of the week:

Marcelo, Jorge and Rosana had their interviews yesterday and everything is prepared for their baptism on Saturday. They are amazing! Marcelo is learning to read as he reads a few verses in the Book of Mormon and every day and he tells us, "me cambio un poco" (I've changed a little). It's just the sweetest thing. On Friday we had an awesome FHE at the Merlo's house. We watched the restoration and afterwards Marcelo began to cry. In that moment I had the confirmation that he really does get it. He's been wonderful every day but in that moment I had no doubt he is going to be a worthy convert.

We are working with a few different people to get ready for May. We found two different families this week and taught them about the law of chastity. Both lessons went pretty well. The first family lives behind Mario. We taught them on Tuesday night and at the end the husband, Marcos, invited us to lunch the next day! He told us he has never listened to any religious group before but that it was a huge step that he sat down to hear us and invited us to lunch. As we began the lesson after lunch he started talking about some of his mistakes in the past and he began to cry and left the room. His wife, Nora, is amazing and has a ton of faith but Marcos has a lot to change. I have faith that we found them for a reason though and we can help them to find the peace they are looking for.

We also had a few really great lessons with the Fernandez Family this week. We hadn't passed by for a while after they didn't come to church last week and when we went on Wednesday Gabriela told me that she had felt something different since they hadn't been to church and we hadn't stopped by. They have been having problems with their oldest son and need the gospel. Gabriela still has a lot of fear about baptism because of her catholic past and although we all know she knows it's true she has to give up her fears. Dionicio told me that he would quit smoking for good, so we'll see this next week if he kept his word. I was super disappointed, however, after these awesome commitments they made when they didn't show up to church yesterday. I know they are so close to being ready I just need to find out what it is that I haven't taught them yet. What is their need I haven't found? I'm not going to give up on them, however, because I know one day they will be sealed as a family.

On Thursday night we had a ward activity. Without bikes we were super late and I almost wasn't sure if we should go but it was a miracle! When we walked in there were like 100 people from our area that weren't members! It was amazing! Some of our investigators had come and a bunch of the members had brought friends or family members that aren't members whom we were able to talk to. We also were able to play soccer with some of the young men and our investigators. It has been a LONG time and I was terrible but it was really fun. It was so great to feel unified with the rama and see them become involved in missionary work.

Finally, one of my favorite miracles of the week is Luciano. He is the 19 year old son of our convert Rolando. We were always inviting him to church and to listen to the lessons but he was never really interested. This week Hermana Miller and I stopped and talked to him in front of his house and we talked super bluntly with him about where his life is headed. He has started doing drugs and has some bad friends and we just told him he needs to begin now to make the necessary changes in his life. We invited him to the activity on Thursday and guess what! HE CAME! It was awesome. He played soccer and ping pong with some of the youth and felt the peace of good people and a good environment. We then stopped by on Sunday and he came to church with us! He still has a while to go to progress and have stronger desires to change but I'm so excited for him. Since the first time Hermana Castellanos and I saw him we knew there was something special and I think now might be his time.

The work is moving forward in our area and we are seeing lots of success. There is still a lot that I am working to improve upon personally to find more of Heavenly Fathers children and help them be worhty converts. We are also really working to help the hermanas find more success in their area. I know the Lord will help us as I become more humble and have more faith.

I love you all soo much and I am so grateful for your love and support. Please know that I am praying for you each and every day.


Hermana Millet

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