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This week I have continued to learn about faith. It is amazing how each month as I have tried to focus on an attribute of Christ sometimes I don't even know what I need to learn in that month but as I am open to the whisperings of the spirit I find that is exactly what I need that month.

This week I set out to have faith that we could complete our indicators by Thursday and find new investigators. Each day I found myself getting more and more stressed. Wednesday night I wrote in my journal that I didn't know what more I could do. I was beginning to get frustrated with my Heavenly Father as I felt that I was working as hard as I could and wasn't seeing the fruit of my labor.

Jennifer with her companion Hermana Castellanos
By Thursday we still hadn't found any new investigators and the stress was beginning to strain on our companionship. We had a bit of a revelation during weekly planning and companionship inventory and we discussed our unity and what was holding us back. We realized we had both been feeling some type of obligatory faith. We felt that to have faith we had to be worried or the work needed to be difficult. As we talked, however, we came to understand that real faith is trust in God's plan and that when we trust in him we don't have to be stressed or worried as long as we are doing all we can. That afternoon we continued to work with all diligence but still only found 2 new investigators.

That night, however, my entry in my journal was much different. Instead of being frustrated I had peace. I knew that we had done all we could do and that if I was patient the blessings would come in the Lord's time. Although we still had 6 new investigators to find, my stress level was much lower than the night before because I had finally figured out what real faith is.

The next day after our special leadership training we had about three hours to work. We set out full of faith and determination and we were blessed with miracles. We found two families and two other individuals. One of the families, a mom and her 5 children (3 of which are of age to be baptized) accepted a baptismal date. We taught about families, the temple, and baptism. It was one of the most beautiful lessons of my mission.  Unfortunately, they already had plans to go out of town and didn't make it to church but I am going to continue to have faith that we can teach to their needs and help them progress toward baptism.

Rolando's Baptism
 Another amazing blessing this week was the baptism of Rolando. It was beautiful! We had so much support from the members that there were not enough chairs! Rolando bore a sweet testimony after the ordinance and was grinning from ear to ear. The next day we talked to his son Luciano who told us he could see a change in his dad. Our next step is to work with the family of Rolando so they can all enjoy the blessing of finding the gospel. Rolando is probably the most prepared investigators I've ever seen spiritually and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of his conversion.

My biggest concern at this point is getting investigators to sacrament meeting. My goal this week is to really focus in every single lesson on the Sabbath day and going to church. We have some wonderful prospects for baptism this month and I am determined to achieve our goal of three baptisms. I know the Lord is preparing people and I need to do my part to help them repent and have a desire to attend church.  I also want to be an example for the Hermanas in the mission. As HLE I know we have a great responsibility but are also blessed to be able to accomplish what we need to according to our diligence and obedience.

As I mentioned earlier, this week we had a special leadership training. President was super strict with the zone leaders. He's great but also super scary lol. The mission isn't doing super great with numbers this past month or so. Apparently, there are also missionaries that are super disobedient as well and they are trying to stop all these problems now. It is interesting to be in these meetings and hear a little more about what goes on in the mission world. He also talked to us hermanas separately and got after us as well, but in a much kinder manner. Our percentage as leaders is lower than the rest of the mission and the hermanas as a whole. As leaders we need to be an example. With great power comes great responsibility. (Name that movie! Easy, I know.) It's a lot of responsibility but I really want to improve as well.

Today we went to Ramos again to be trained so that we can train other missionaries this Thursday in a special training in Ramos all day. We'll be waking up at 3:00 to be in Ramos at 7:00 and be training all day and get back home probably right in time around 8:30 or 9:00. It's going to be a long day but also really fun and a great opportunity to learn.

Today we had to practice teaching a principle in front of President, the assistants, some of the zone leaders, as well as a few of basically all the best missionaries in the mission who have extended for another few weeks. I was super duper nervous and we didn't do great but I learned a lot. I think this calling as HLE is more for me to learn than anything and I'm super grateful.

Don't know if you can really tell how dirty I am, but I just wanted to
 show off how hard core we are. 
Another fun thing we are doing right now is reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. I have decided to do it in Spanish! I usually do my personal study in English so I can learn more and feel the spirit more strongly but I decided it is time to challenge myself a little more with the language and I want to read the whole BOM in Spanish during my mission. It takes a little more time and I don't understand it all quite as well but so far I am loving the experience. I think Hermana Carter posted the schedule on the blog if you want to do it with me (in English of course)! You're only a week behind if you want to. :) I would challenge all who follow my blog to read it with me.  The mission blog address is

That's all for now. I love you all sooo much! Sorry this email was a little weird. I'm a little distracted and out of the routine today.



your favorite Shankee (They call all the American's Yankees but with the accent it is pronounced Shankee.)

Hermana Millet

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