Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year's


This week I am writing extra early because we have to be in Ramos Mejia at 3:00 this afternoon, which means our p-day is basically non-existent. We are going there because Hermana Carter asked Hermana Castellanos to speak at EFY on Tuesday. I'll be on exchanges with some Hermanas in Ramos.

Hermana Millet and Hermana Castellanos on New Year's Eve
This week we had a few adventures as well as some miracles.

On Friday we traveled to Open Door (a town that is technically a part of our area about 20 minutes away in car) with President Peralta (who is absolutely amazing btw) and our investigators Juana and Miguel to get papers for them so they can get married and then baptized (Juana asap and Miguel...eventually). We had to go to a hospital with crazy people and addicts and President didn't want us getting out of the car because they would bother us so we sat in the car with the doors locked while these crazy men walked by looking in the windows and asking for money. It was kind of hilarious and the scene was perfect for a scary movie with all these old buildings and beautiful trees and a bunch of crazy people walking around like zombies. The best part was that they got their papers and President is going to help pay to get the others they need so hopefully this week they can finally have a date for their wedding! Hooray!

Feliz Cumplianos Hermana Castellano
I have been enjoying reading messages from the President and reflecting on what I need to improve personally and what Hermana Castellanos and I can do to improve as a companionship. I really think we can see miracles in this area together next transfer as we apply what we are learning from his counsel and grow in unity and faith.

In doing some self reflecting I have found areas in which I need to improve, especially in humility. In some ways it is difficult to realize that I still have so much to improve upon but my greatest desire is to become what the Lord expects me to be and I know I can only accomplish this with increased humility.

Hermana Castellanos and I identified two types of humility this week: humility before the Lord (trusting in Him, accepting his will and doing the work His way) and humility with others (comparing ourselves to other missionaries, judging or criticizing others etc.) This month I really want to focus on my humility before the Lord and having the faith to work in his way and work the miracles that he wants for this area. I also realized, however, that I have slowly developed pride within our companionship. Hermana Castellanos is an amazing missionary and we are like sisters but at times I feel inadequate with a companion whom the members and investigators love so much, who can communicate and understand so easily, who has responsibility within the mission as an HLE etc. It was hard to face the fact that I had developed this pride but I am working hard to rid myself of these feelings of Satan and praying for the help of the Lord to truly love her for all of these wonderful qualities that help our companionship and which make her the Hermana that I love and realize my own purpose and value right now in the mission.

This week we witnessed one great miracle with our investigator, Bruno. He is the grandson on Pascual, who was baptized in November. As we taught Pascual, Bruno was occasionally present and over the past few weeks we have focused more on teaching Bruno. He is only 9 years old but he has such a sweet respectful demeanor and really has a desire to follow Jesus Christ and learn of his gospel. He read the introduction and the testimonies of the 8 and 3 witnesses after we gave him the Book of Mormon and is reading every night on his own. We have been trying to talk to his mother for weeks but she is unavailable for some reason or another in each of our lessons.

In my fast yesterday I prayed that we might be able to talk to her and receive her permission to continue teaching and preparing Bruno for baptism. We began our fast Saturday after lunch and that evening, only 4 or 5 hours after beginning the fast, we happened to pass by their home and she was outside. We were able to talk to her and her reaction was perfect! She didn't give us permission right away but wanted to know what the baptism was like, what we believe etc. She was exactly the way I would like a mother to be, concerned about her son and his welfare. She did give her permission and we are now working to prepare him for his baptism!

Our other investigators are also progressing along well. We are continuing to search for new families to teach as well and take care of the fechas that we have and really address each of their needs so they are truly converted. This week we still only reached 60% of our goals but I am learning each week and we are trying to adapt our methods to have more progressing investigators and investigators in sacrament meeting. I know as I develop the faith and work obediently and diligently we can have 100%.

We had some cooler weather this week after a huge rainstorm in the night. It was soooo lovely! We weren't dying of sweat all day and at night I even used a blanket. It was absolutely blissful.

On Wednesday we had exchanges with the Hermanas in Lujan 1. I went to their area and Herman Guillen was here in our area. It was a good day but the people here in Argentina party until 4-6 in the morning on New Year's Eve and sleep literally all day on the 1st so there was basically no one in the streets. Hermana Castellanos and Hermana Guillen were almost robbed here in our area! A man jumped off a motorcycle (there were 3 people on the bike because everyone here uses motos and pile tons of people on them) and asked them for all their things. They were backed up into a door and no one was in the streets. They told him they were missionaries and didn't have anything and eventually he left without taking anything or hurting them. MIRACLE! I'm now a little more cautious in our area. I've never felt scared here but I need to be more aware. Exchanges were good and it was fun to learn a new area and meet new investigators.

Hermana Leon is in our district and is great.  Things went pretty well with her during exchanges. She has an awesome testimony and really helped me see the importance of bringing the spirit to all our lessons.

New Year's Eve Dinner.
...Life other than that is pretty much normal. Hermana Castellanos and I are praying to stay together for transfers next week and we are continuing to work to achieve our goal of 2 baptisms this month.

I love you all sooo much! Thank you for your letters and love and support and prayers! You're the bestest family and friends an hermana could ask for! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Millet

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