Monday, January 13, 2014


Guess what I did today! I cut my hair for the first time in almost 7 months! I hope the lady did a decent job. I certainly feels a lot better. We are also going to have another adventure today with pictures to come next week since it might be our last week in Lujan. Anyone who can guess what it will be gets a prize! (Eric Schwaar is excluded from the guessing game).

Also, before I start in on all the spiritual stuff, guess what happened Tuesday in Ramos!!!! It rained like crazy in the morning and for part of the afternoon, we still had to go out and work though so out the door we walked. As we got to the area we needed to visit the streets were like a river, literally. You would't believe it if you saw it. No lie, we were walking with water up to our knees. The roads were blocked off for cars and colectivos (buses) but there we were, two hermanas, wading through the streets. I'm pretty sure it was the closest I will get to swimming in my mission. It was insane but also wonderful!

Anyway, I think that's all for the fun's the missionary part:

This week I am so full of gratitude for the blessings and miracles we have had in our area with our investigators. Each night I have gone to bed thinking that I can't be more blessed. I have really felt the hand of the Lord this week to know that He is pleased with our efforts and is helping us to succeed. I had kind of lost that feeling for a while and was searching for how to improve to feel His acceptance of our efforts. I ended this week still knowing that we have a lot to improve upon but also knowing that the hand of the Lord has been in our work.

As I mentioned last week, we weren't able to work in our area on Monday and Tuesday. It is a goal in the mission to finish our weekly indicators by Friday and therefore is always our goal as well. This week we were blessed with so many miracles and were able to do so in just 3 days! It was amazing!

We have two investigators right now that we are working extremely hard to qualify for baptism this month.

Justina is 76 years old and has some type of dementia or Alzheimer's. She reads the Book of Mormon every night but can't remember what she read the next day and we have to remind her about her baptismal date every visit. On some days she is as sweet as can be and so grateful for our help and teachings. On other days she doesn't want to talk to us and continues to insist that she is Catolico Pastolical Romano.

I have really been searching the direction of the Lord to know His will for her. On Wednesday we had her pre-interview and it went wonderfully. She answered each question so well! I was ecstatic and felt that this was the answer from the Lord that she is ready for baptism despite the difficulties with her mind. That evening we called President Carter to obtain permission to baptize her with only 2 attendances in Sacrament Meeting due to extenuating circumstances the week before. He didn't answer and the next day we also couldn't get a hold of the assistants. The zone leaders told us to go ahead with her interview anyway, however, when the district leader and us showed up at her house she didn't want to talk to us and her grandson told us she wasn't home. This train of events was another answer to my prayers that the Lord does want Justina to be baptized but that she needs to wait a little longer. I have been so grateful for these little answers to prayers that have helped us to know what is best for our investigators.

Our other investigator is Rolando. He is about 60 years old and his wife is schizophrenic. He is amazing and has come to church twice on his own. He is very pensive and takes time to meditate before and after prayers and when we asks questions. He is extremely humble and willing to change. His greatest trial right now is that he doesn't feel prepared to be baptized. He heard about our goal for every family to read the BOM in 6 months and he wants to read the Book of Mormon before being baptized. He even bought glasses just so he can see to read. We are continuing to work with him to help him feel prepared. We know he is one of the most worthy converts we have seen but we need to help him gain a testimony of baptism and his need for it now.

We were extremely disappointed on Sunday when we weren't able to find either of these investigators Sunday morning for church. We are continuing to work to improve our efforts during the week so that we can have investigators in church on Sundays.

We were rewarded, however, when Pascual (our convert from November) brought four of his grandchildren to church with him on Sunday. Pablo and Tatiana were baptized with Pascual in November and we haven't been able to get either of them to church since their baptism. Bruno is Pascual's other grandson who has a baptismal date in three weeks and is progressing wonderfully! It was so great to see them all walk into the church together as a family.

I am continuing to learn and grow to develop more faith and humility. Hermana Castellanos talked about unity in our companionship inventory and how we can both be more humble and work together to have more unity and success in our area. On Wednesday evening she was a little upset with me and I wasn't sure why. She didn't want to talk about it that night and so we waited until Thursday during comp inventory. It was a good learning experience for me to discover some of my weaknesses and I am trying to improve to be a better companion. We have been so blessed that our first issue as a companionship was in our last week and it was really quite small and was resolved quickly. We are hoping and praying every night that we will stay together this transfer but we'll see what happens. I am nervous for transfers this week but am ready and willing to accept whatever the Lord has in store for me because I know it is what I need.

Also, other random note. After meals we don't usually have dessert but when we do it is plain Jell-O or fruit cocktail or another weird gelatin like thing called flan. I miss our brownies lol. :(

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Thank you for the pictures and letters and prayers. You are the best. I pray for you every day! Sorry if I don't answer your questions each week. Please know I love reading your letters even if I don't respond very well.

Also, the family we found a few weeks ago isn't exactly progressing but I still have hope one day. Finally, Carl from Solvang got baptized!!!! AH!!!!

That's all folks!

Love, your favorite Lujanite, Hermana Millet

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