Monday, July 14, 2014

Please Cry for Me Argentina


How are you all! Were you DYING last night?! Because I was. I can't believe we lost. It was pretty much the worst three hours of my life sitting in my pench listening to screaming and not knowing ANYTHING! Luckily Hermana Islas is a saint and sent me text updates every few minutes. We did, however, get to watch the game on Wednesday. The most exciting Wednesday night of my life! It was an awesome game and I got to watch it with my favorite people.

Vamos Argentina!

Watching the game... Personalities of the members:  Veronica Islas
watching while crocheting, Cecilia interested but normal,
David "Don't you dare talk to me.  I'm busy praying."
Anyway, enough about soccer...

This week we got to have our first interviews with President and a meeting with him and all of Chivilcoy. My interview was super great and way over the five minute time limit haha. He basically told me I'll be going to the city (NOOOOOOOO!!!!) but I'm going to accept God's will and work as hard as I can in the short time I have left here in Bragado.

The Robertsons.  This was our first meeting with them last
 week with the leadership council.  All the hermanas gave
 Hermana Robertson a braclet and all the Elders gave President a tie.
   They are super cute.  You would LOVE them.
Chivilcoy Sur! (Chivilcoy South)
Flashback!  Our MTC group in Chivilcoy.
I am really excited about the progress we have made this week here in our area. Last week, although we had 'fechas' I couldn't see any of them progressing to baptism. This week we have found some wonderful people and are beginning to see them progress.

One of the greatest miracles we saw began with a less active family, Familia Arias. They are from Cordova and have six children (3 boys and 3 girls). The father has been a member for a long time but his wife and children were baptized about five years ago and just moved to Bragado in October. They have been inactive due to a really horrible situation in Cordova in which the members weren't very Christlike and their 10 year old daughter has not been baptized. I had heard about this family from Hermana Morales but we could never talk to them all. The first time Hermana Peterson and I went we didn't know their story and unfortunately, the father ended up getting offended. However, I went back this week with Hermana Adams in divisions and we saw miracles.

We entered the house and neither of the parents were home, but their aunt, Jimena was there with her 4 year old son. We began teaching her and all of the kids the restoration and it was wonderful. Ten year old Estefania was so excited to participate and be baptized and Jimena was a literal miracle. She understood the restoration perfectly and accepted a baptismal invitation without hesitating.

We were able to return and teach both families later in the week and for the first time I was able to really talk to Hermana Arias. She shared their whole story and really opened up to us. I know it will take more than a few weeks to help this sweet family come back to church but I have high hopes for them. Jimena is juntado but is also willing to get married so she can become a forever family. I can't wait to see the progress that will come with these families in the next months! I know the Lord is preparing them.

Hermana Adams made breakfast for me.  Can you tell
what it says?  H. M. I (heart) U! (Hermana Millet
I love you)  Isn't she the cutest?
Our next miracle is Romina. She is 24 years old and single. She is Evangelist but not active right now. This week we were able to teach her for the first time without her mom (who is SUPER firm in her faith and tends to dominate the lessons) present and we had an amazing lesson. She shared with us a part of her story that really opened all of our hearts to the spirit. Her three year old son was playing when he fell and landed on his head. He was in the hospital for a few days but eventually was pronounced brain dead and passed away. She then distanced herself from her church and God but wants to come back again. We shared the plan of salvation and the doctrine of eternal families. The spirit in the room was so incredibly strong not one of us could deny it. She really just has such a light and I know the Lord has prepared her life to hear this message.

And of course our two biggest miracles, David and Cecilia. Each time I am with them my love grows. Even when I am not with them I am thinking of how much I love them and what scripture, or article or lesson will help them next.

I love her!
This week I had the incredibly sacred opportunity to give them their pre-interviews for baptism. It was so amazing to hear their testimonies as they shared how they have grown and changed. I learned this week that they were at the point of separation when we first began teaching them. They didn't come to church the first two weeks because they were fighting, but thanks to the gospel, their relationship is now stronger than ever. David talked of how his faith in Christ has grown and Cecilia told us how she wants to be baptized so she can be a member of Church of Jesus Christ and become free of her sins. Being a witness of the change the gospel can affect in a family really is the greatest joy in the world.

I know this is the true purpose of the gospel: to bring families back to His presence. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this process. Each week I find myself understanding my purpose as a missionary more and finding more and more joy in accomplishing it.

Thank you for your love and support! I love you sooo much! Have a wonderful week!

Love, your favorite Messi fan,

Hermana Millet

P.S.  I forgot to send you this picture last week of Aldo and Patricia's baptism.

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