Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

Hello my beautiful family! I hope your week has been as wonderful as mine. I don't think I'll be able to explain how wonderful these past few days have been so hopefully the pictures will help to explain a little...

This week I experienced some of the best moments of my mission. My heart has literally been filled to the brim. While here in Bragado I have come to know some of my best friends, Cecilia, David and their four year old daughter Jazmin. This week I was able to watch them get married, baptized and then confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This is a wedding in Argentina.

Awwww...Aren't they adorable?!
Throwing rice!
With their Hermanas!
They were so completely prepared last week but we warned them that Satan would be working really hard on them this week. And of course, he did, however, with the help of lots of prayers, good friends and members, they each were able to overcome the doubts and fears that Satan put into their hearts.

They were bursting with joy the day of their wedding and it just continued to grow over the weekend. The wedding in and of itself really isn't that exciting. We all just squish into a tiny room, watch them sign some papers etc. Afterward, however, everyone went to the church for a little lunch. Romina and her mom were wonderful and decorated the whole chapel so it looked beautiful. They also brought food which was great and Cecilia's family brought a ton of tartas (cake, pie things with fruit). It turned out really well. We sang Families Can Be Together Forever which is like their family theme song and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
The church decorated for the reception.
Helping Jaz cut the cake.
The whole feeding each other cake thing isn't really
a tradition in Argentina, but when I suggested it,
David knew exactly what to do. LOL
On Saturday as we walked up to the church, David and Cecilia were just getting out of a Remis (David went all out this weekend and paid for taxis, a suit coat and took Cecilia and Jaz out to dinner on Friday). They helped us set up and got changed and all ready. The service went beautifully. We watched from beside the font to give Cecilia the towel as she walked out and it was so wonderful to see her giant smile. She was so incredibly happy. David also had a smile from ear to ear as he came out of the water.

The baptism shot. :)
After the baptism.
I think this one is my favorite!
After the baptism Cecilia bore her testimony and shared how they had been going through a really hard time and were ready to separate but that when we came we brought peace and joy to their home. I of course started to tear up and then had to sing right after. We sang Te Hallare Mi Querido Amigo, the song of the mission, which I will sing for you when I get home. But basically it was made for them. It was wonderful!

After church on Sunday David had an interview with President Alldredge and so we waited outside and talked with Cecilia. She shared with us how she has already seen such a difference in David. After their baptism all he could talk about was the plan of salvation and their goal to be sealed in the temple in a year. He walked out of the interview excited to receive the priesthood (a miracle in and of itself) as well as get some family names ready for the temple.

The change I have seen in them over the past few months has been so beautiful. I have really come to understand how much love the Savior has for each one of us. I really feel as though I have found some truly wonderful friends and I am so excited to continue watching their life progress.

After church on Sunday we were waiting to talk to
President and Hermana Alldredge sat down and
sang hymns with Emma and Jazmin.
It was soooo cute!!
I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a forever family with you! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Millet

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