Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week two in Fairytale Land!

Hello my favorite people! (Don't cry Olie! ;))

I got all my pictures sent today, hopefully. But unfortunately that means very little time to write. :( I'm so sorry! I will try to write it all in a real letter today.

This store is Christmas all year round? Amazing I can't wait to go inside.

This week has been much better. Each day gets a little better and better. The people here are soo sweet and all want to help. I love the ward. We got to speak in church yesterday which was a lot of fun. I was worried about saying what the ward needs and wanting to make a good impression.  I don't know if I got across what I wanted, but I felt pretty good about it as I was speaking so that's a relatively good sign.
Awesome hotel in Solvang
In the few minutes I have I want to tell you about my favorite investigator (shh I don't have favorites). His name is Ygnacio (yeah, it sounds Spanish but he doesn't speak it :() He is 17 years old and is so great! He has been through a lot and really just has such a sincere desire to know the truth and change. We taught him on Tuesday and again on Thursday. On Thursday we taught him about the restoration and before we could even get out the invitation to be baptized he said yes with such excitement and enthusiasm it just melted my heart. I am so excited for him! He wasn't able to come to church this Sunday but I'm hoping he will be able to keep his commitments, come the rest of the month and be baptized on September 7th! That's super close and it will take a lot of work, but I know it is possible. I can just see his whole life changing if he knows it is true and is able to get baptized. He could go on a mission and get married in the temple and have a ward family of people that love him! Ah! I'm so excited.

It's an orange tree!  AHH!
Our other investigators, Carl, Woody, and Dawn, are also doing well. Dawn works when we are able to teach them except for Sunday and Monday so we only got to visit with Carl and Woody this week during the day. We read 1 Nephi with him and helped explain things and talked about baptism. Unfortunately, Carl is still technically married to his wife (they are working out custody issues with Woody) and can't get baptized until he gets married. Therefore, it could be a while before they are able to get baptized. I was pretty sad about that at first but I'm learning about the Lord's timetable (and really the timetable for anyone who isn't on a mission). We think in 6 week transfers, but really, as long as they are able to get baptized when it is the right time for them that is all that matters. I don't want them to be baptized for me. I want them to be baptized so they can receive the Holy Ghost and be a forever family. I just have to remember that sometimes.

We visited a lady who is less active who owns a lavender farm this week. Didn't know that existed? Neither did I until three day ago. They have a whole acre or more of lavender plants and then they refine it (or whatever the correct term is called) and put in into all sorts of oils and spices and things. It's a cute little store and we had a good visit with her son, who unfortunately isn't interested in the gospel, but it was a fun adventure and he gave us lavender honey and oil.

Lavender store in Solvang we visited.
OH! Also! Guess what! Our ward is LOADED! We went to visit the ward mission leader and he told us to just drive up this hill, well, it turns out it's a private estate thing with a locked gate and these gigantic houses that look over the whole valley. We jokingly asked if he'd ever had the whole ward over and he said, "well we did have the stake over once for a campout." What!? Then on Saturday we went to the RS president's house that lives up there as well. She's super sweet but her house is even bigger with a fancy pool house and everything.

Solvang Hermanas
Another fun fact: make this sandwich Nicolioli. You'll love it. Avacado, seasoned salt, ham, spinach or lettuce and ranch. mmmm. I'm hungry! I'm also in desperate need of graham crackers today because we have a big jar of PB (peanut butter) and I can't indulge on our favorite snack!

Things are going better with Hermana Cannon and I am learning to appreciate her and learn from her. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. You are wonderful!

Jennifer with companion Amanda Cannon
The work is moving along. I'm trying to practice Spanish as much as possible, but it's really hard while we are in an English area. We have talked to a few Spanish people and I'm learning how much I don't know but I know if I put forth the effort during the day (which Hermana Cannon and I haven't been very good at) that I will learn. I'm sure as soon as I get comfortable here the Lord will uproot me and send me to Argentina. I can't decide if I want that day to come soon or not lol.

We have a new goal in the district to have 7 baptismal invites each week and 7 lessons with a member present each week. It's going to take a lot of work and planning but I know we can do it with faith. Oh, you should look up the book "The Power of Every Day Missionaries". The ward here is talking about starting a blog with the youth and I'm super excited about it (not that I can really be involved but it's an awesome idea!) We are also planning an activity with the youth for next Wednesday where they will get mini mission calls and go knocking on doors (just inside the church) to help them get excited about missionary work.

Well, time is up! I love you so much!

Hermana Millet

Jennifer with Sister Speth at the MTC.

MTC Hermanas with copies of their reassignment letters. 

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