Saturday, August 3, 2013

Missionary Work Has Already Begun!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hola Familia!

It was so wonderful to talk to you all yesterday!  Guess what?  I sat behind a girl on the plane yesterday who is moving here for law school and she had her two dogs with her.  They were so cute and well behaved.  We talked a little and I gave her a pass along card telling her if she needs help moving in or something we'd love to help. But I didn't have my contact info so she gave me hers! I probably wasn't quite as bold about the church as I should have been, but I hope I am able to go talk to her and maybe give her a lesson.  She was so nice!  I also gave a Book of Mormon to a girl we were sitting in front of.  She's from England, about 17-20 I'd say, and is here visiting her family.  She was reading "The Hunger Games" and we talked about it a little.  I then pulled out a Book of Mormon I'd bought at the bookstore and wrote a little note in it and gave it to her.  Who knows if she'll read it, but it can't hurt.

Last night we were the last group of missionaries of about 40-50 to come in.  We ate dinner, had a meeting and then I was interview by President Castro.  He is awesome.  He's super nice, but you can tell he expects a lot from his missionaries.  I think I'm going to like him.  We didn't get out of the stake center til about 10:30.  Everyone stayed at members's homes but me and one other sister who stayed with the Sister Training Leaders.  Our experience wasn't quite as homey, but I did get to try almond milk this morning and I'm glad I was with Sister Reyes.  She is from San Diego and just drove straight up here with her family.  I think last night was a little hard for her because she just said goodbye.  She is a native Spanish speaker and didn't go to the MTC.

Today I'll get my companion and get to work.  You can send letters to the mission office and Mondays are my P-day so I'll write you in a week.  It's been a long two days, but I'm trying to keep a good attitude, love the mission, love the missionaries and most of all love the people.

I think that is about all.  There's nothing too exciting to tell you yet.  My companion will probably have a car so I'll have to try real hard not to get fat. Haha.  Also, I'm sitting in a primary room right now which makes me super happy! Haha.

Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive all the time.  You're the bestest family in the whole wide world.  I LOOOOOVE You!!!

Hermana Millet

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