Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Here!! want to hear a funny story? Today at lunch everyone got their travel plans but me! I was freaking out! Actually, I was calmer than anyone else because I was so excited to hear where everyone else was going. Hermana Gardner is going to Seattle Washington! She started crying and I almost started crying with her! It was awesome! Hermana Alley is going with her! They fly out Tuesday morning. Elder Cline and Elder Kelley are going to the Spokane Washington Mission, Elder Brown is going to Raleigh North Carolina, and Hermana Redford is going to Salt Lake City South! I hope she is in our area and you can feed her or see her! She's not sure how she feels about it though.

Anyway, I was stoked for everyone else but kind of freaking out inside, worrying that maybe I had gotten my visa or that I wouldn't get my plans etc. We've had infield orientation all day which is a bunch of giant meetings with everyone else leaving next week and I couldn't focus very well. After the end of the last meeting though I saw Hermana Alley and she was waving me over and freaking out! MY REASSIGNMENT WAS HERE!


Drum roll please....


AHHHH!!!!! I'm so excited! I leave Monday morning from the MTC at 4:30 and my flight heads out at 8:52. We arrive in Denver at 10:22 (random I know) and then fly out of Denver at 1:14 and arrive in Santa Barbara at 2:50.

Do you want me to try to call you at the SLC airport around 7:00 or whenever or wait for my layover in Denver?


Write me and I might be able to check my email in the next hour two! Or tomorrow!

Also, we talked to a teacher who just got back from Buenos Aries West! Hermana Pullan!


Hermana Millet

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