Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Especially for my Kindergarteners!

Hello Kindergarteners!
How is your summer going? I have been spending the past three weeks learning sooo much! I'm practicing counting to 100 and learning the days of the week in Spanish, just like we did in Kindergarten! I also get to eat lots of yummy food (as much pineapple and chocolate milk as I want) and play volleyball in the sand almost every day. I am also meeting lots of new people and learning how to be an even better teacher. I like to tell my new friends all about how wonderful you are and how kind you are!
Thank you Lindsey and the Tafili family for the package! You are so sweet! I am putting the letter and pictures up on my wall today. I was so excited when I received it and showed your pictures to all of my friends!

I hope you are all spending lots of time playing outside in the sun, swimming, and READING! I get to read every day lots and lots and I am learning to love it more every day! I hope you are reading on your own and loving it! I miss you all! Have a great July!
Miss Jen

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