Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adios Lujan!


Hello everyone! How was your week!? I hope you had adventures. I wanted to thank you all today for your letters every week. I am so grateful for your support and love. Mom, Dad, and Nicole you have not missed one week and I cannot thank you enough. They really are what help me get through the next week.

Hermana Millet and Miller with a member Paula and the Elders

Hermanas Millet and Miller and Paula

This transfer I have been extremely humbled in so many ways. Most of all, I have learned how little I do in the work of the Lord. I have seen how every miracle that happens is a direct result of His mercy and love.

This week in particular I was stretched to my max, physically, emotional and spiritually. I really wasn't sure if I could continue on but knew there really isn't any choice. I came to a point on Thursday night when I just had to give it all over to the Lord. I told him that I was finished, I had nothing left in me and that I needed his strength to continue on. I am so grateful for his hand in my life in every moment.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to do divisions with the Hermanas from Mercedes. I was able to work with Hermana Medeyro in her area. I knew she had high expectations for these divisions and was really hoping for help, but I wasn't sure if I could give it to her. Once again I had to call on the Lord in fervent prayer and ask him to give me the gifts/tools that I would need to help this wonderful hermana. Throughout the day I just tried to watch her example and be the best companion I could. I did my best to give words of the spirit to help her investigators but I wasn't sure if I was completing my purpose until that night in the final interview. It was a sacred experience to see how every goal that she had set in the morning were things that I also saw that she needed to improve upon, (finding more families, commitments and verification, and conquering her fear) and was able to demonstrate for her. Although I didn't feel qualified to be her example, the Lord blessed me to be an example in the way I needed and He blessed her to feel impressions from the spirit that she needed. She is a wonderful hermana with desires to do the work in the best way possible and it was an honor to work with her for the day. I have confidence that if she can really work to overcome these small weaknesses she will see much success in her area.

Our grand miracle for the week is Lachi. Lachi is the father of Hermana Monica Peralita (the wife of former branch President Gustavo Peralta). I had heard that he lived somewhere on the street but felt that the members were hesitant to give his address as a reference. I always felt that I should go by but for some reason I never went. By the merciful hand of the Lord, however, I was blessed with a wonderful companion who followed the promptings of the spirit and visited him on Wednesday during divisions. Thursday morning she couldn't wait to tell me all about him and the lesson they had. President Peralta and his family happened to be there visiting and they invited the hermanas in to teach. President Peralta has been working with Lachi since he and Monica got married and he has been to church and the temple grounds many times but never accepted baptism. President Peralta told the hermanas he felt that they should invite Lachi to be baptized. Lachi is deaf and so the hermanas taught him a little about baptism by writing down key sentences and then write out the invitation to be baptized and miraculously he accepted.

We have seen him every day since then and I can honestly say that the Lord has completely prepared this sweet man. He has accepted every single principle we teach without hesitation and understood principles in one or two written sentences that usually take lots of explanation. I am so incredibly grateful to be here to witness this wonderful miracle. President gave us permission to baptize Lachi this coming Saturday (on his granddaughter's birthday). After carefully reviewing the area book, we had absolutely no one scheduled to be baptized in May.  After praying for miracles the Lord blessed us with a true miracle.

Transfers are Wednesday and President told me the other day on the phone to prepare for a change. So it's about as official as it will get that my days here in Lujan are coming to an end. I am sad to leave Lujan where I have learned so much and had so many wonderful experiences. I pray that I have done all that the Lord sent me here to do. I wish I could have helped more people and found more of the Lord's chosen here, but once again I know that through the atonement I can be forgiven of any shortcomings I had here and improve each day. I am praying to be at peace and have the strength to accept whatever new challenge the Lord has planned for me, to learn from my new companion and new area and become what He needs me to be in this new area.

I am completely exhausted but so full of love and gratitude for my Savior today. I know that the Lord's hand is in every part of His work. His grace gives us power to overcome any trial and do all things.

Love your favorite Lujanite for life, Hermana Millet

PS. We watched an amazing video in the Hermanas Confernce last week called "Because of Him". If you haven't watched it you should. (Have a tissue nearby).

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